The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Treatment


Window treatments not only accentuate the décor of a room, but also help to lower energy bills. They provide insulation against the summer heat and warm the room during the winter chill. But there are some style guidelines to follow to get the right look. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow;

  • When matching curtains and blinds don’t pair print with prints: Prints go well with a solid color background. Pairing prints together makes the place look small and unappealing. Ideally the background color should be in contrast to the print fabric.
  • When selecting curtain for nurseries avoid floor length drapes: Children who’re learning to crawl don’t hesitate to explore the room. They’re likely to pull or climb the curtain or even come up with their own creative idea for using them.
  • Don’t select treatments that make a room too dark: Victorian style drapes often focus on too many drapes. This may make the place look dark and depressing.
  • Do imagine the final appearance before choosing a fabric or style: You can also ask your retailer for samples to see how they look at different times in the day.
  • Do measure correctly: Measuring is where most of us seem to go wrong. Use a steel tape to get accurate measurements. Watch our ‘Measuring is Easy’ video in the ‘How to’ section of our website or call us at xx for a detailed explanation. is a web based retailer of blinds, curtains and other window treatments. We sell a variety of window treatments including discount faux wood blinds, woven wood shades and insulated wood shades. Contact us for further details on our weekly specials and discounts.

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Wood Window Blinds – The Real Deal To Keep Cool


Wood window blinds are simply the best & a coolest window treatment available in the market today. They are natural and impart a warm feel to the room; add to it, the availability of wood window blinds and shades in many patterns, style, color, material and size.

It is clear just from the very initial ideas that wood blinds are the best cohort when it comes to decorating the space and keeping everything cool; but if you need more grounds to make them your favorite, here are the major ones:

  • Because of the natural material, wood blinds develop a relaxing atmosphere
  • They look great from both the sides – inside & outside
  • They can easily be painted in any color to match the décor of your room
  • Wood is a great insulator against cold & heat due to their solid wood construction
  • It greatly helps reducing energy costs by keeping the space colder in summers and warmer in winters
  • It offers unrivaled privacy and protection from the sun rays harming your furniture in the room
  • They are light-weight and easy to maintain with minimum tear & wear
  • They are long lasting to serve you in excellent condition for several years

Wood blinds and shades certainly are the most wonderful and eye-turning solution to stop the sun from bothering you.

Real Vs. Imitation

Many people prefer buying discount faux wood blinds rather than real wood for varied reasons with price factors topping the list. While faux wood excellently mimics the real wood, it is not as attractive as real. However, if you are using wood blinds in humid places like kitchens or bathrooms, the real wood may warp, but faux wood blinds made of plastic polymers stays the same.

If it’s only the price keeping you away from the real charm of wood blinds, discount window blinds in real wood are also available in the market. You can even look for woven wood shade for a variety.

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Innovative Window Dressing


Since a long time, it seemed that there is nothing new or innovative in the world of window dressing; but that old tendency is now cleft apart with following newest trends in window blinds and shades. Take down those mini blinds and heavy drapes – switch over to environmentally friendly and energy efficient options of window dressing.

Options For Wide Windows

In case you are looking for exciting window covering options for wide windows, patio or big sliding doors, traditional wood window blinds or woven wood shades are not the only option you have. Sliding panels offer unique and airy look. They can easily fit into the sliders on a classic valance to be opened or closed as desired.

They are now available in natural materials with an added advantage of being environmental-friendly.

Window Films

Window films are a perfect solution for windows that are hard to be fitted with discount window blinds. Many people prefer window films to get the advantage of glare, heat and privacy control. Window films are available in great range of designs – as traditional insulated window shades, as crackled glass and mosaic.

Window films can be used along with blind, drapes and other type of window covering. These films are capable of blocking the harmful UV rays and can cut the cooling cost by almost 50%.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are truly the future of window dressing. Besides controlling light, air and heat in the room, window treatments can also filter allergens and bacteria to improve the indoor air quality.

Such window treatments use advanced technology and smart fabrics that prevent bacteria and allergy causing allergens from being collected in the curtain fibers. As an added advantage, they look beautiful to compliment the room decor.

Take a forward-thinking approach for dressing your windows with above sophisticated options especially when they are capable of removing aroma and allergens out from the air.

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Impeccable Styling with Window Blinds and Shades


Windows blinds and shades are utterly stylized and versatile. Consider following styles and buying tips to make a smart choice:

Roller Blinds

These are the simplest of all the window covering solutions. With flat vinyl lengths wound around a roller, these blinds work and look good with or without cloth drapes for additional privacy. Custom made blinds can be used for windows of any size and shape. Discount window blinds are easily available in many colors and make an economical solution. Easy to clean and moisture resistant blinds are a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. They usually come with DIY installation kits.

Cellular Shades

Compare opennessThese insulated window shades look like horizontal tubes stacked in a group to tap air and keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer. Honey comb or cellular window shades are available with different opacities. Window shades for a sale are easily available online and such shades can be lowered, raised or moved from side to side for desired amount of light.

Wooden Shutters

Wood window blinds or shutters are best to spruce up old world charm. Movable horizontal wooden slats are set in a frame to offer various degrees of light, air and privacy. Discount faux wood blinds and shutters that are available in many colors can be used to cover entire window or just the bottom or top half.

Solar Shades

These types of shades are extremely popular in condos and modern homes. They are made of vinyl or fiber glass to keep away heat and UV rays while allowing outdoor visibility and indoor light. These are again available in many colors and designs.

Matchstick Blinds

These wood woven shades are made with natural bamboo strips that are perfect for stylish appearance as they may not be very effective for insulation. They can be used in spaces where insulation and privacy is not in major demand.

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