Exclusive Energy Efficient Window Blinds and Shades for You

Window blinds and shades are a popular option among window coverings. Available in both vertical and horizontal slat types they are made out of different materials like wood, plastic or sometimes light weight and non-corrosive metal. They have proven to be an effective ally in reducing summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

Energy Efficient Window BlindsInterior blinds consist of numerous openings between the slats, but they are quite flexible to adjust as per your needs and privacy. Light colored interior blinds are preferred in many homes across the United States as it diffuses the light without much heat or glare.

Tip: Installing blinds and shades have proven to restrict up to 45% of heat gain and loss alike.

Exterior blinds are usually made of wood, steel, aluminum or vinyl. Exterior blinds provide a complete shade if they are lowered and it may allow some air and daylight if you raise them partially. Exterior blinds are generally preferred where the lighting of a room is fixed and not so frequently altered. Fixing the shades facing the warmest side during the cooling season and inward during the heating season is a simple way that can be used to obtain energy efficiency.

Shades act as both insulation and air barrier, and they also control air infiltration more effectively.

A pleated or cellular shade increases the insulation value but it provides only slight control of air infiltration. Roller, solar, roman and woven wooden shades turn out the light and help maintaining natural lightening. Also they are elegant which adds to the ambience.

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