Premium 2" Wood Blinds

Premium 2" Wood Blinds

Price $39.90

2 1/2" Shutter Style Wood Blinds

2 1/2" Shutter Style Wood Blinds

Price $53.55

Woven Wood Shade - Bamboo Shades

Woven Wood Shade - Bamboo Shades

Price $72.16

Premium 1" Wood Blinds

Premium 1" Wood Blinds

Price $67.32

Wood blinds are still considered one of the most functional and long lasting window treatments available – and ours are one of the best around, renowned for their durability, added privacy and cleanliness. Shop our selection today!

Why Choose Wood Blinds?

Wood blinds are truly a classic window treatment that have stood the test of time. Wooden window blinds are trusted for their elegance, durability, and value. Wooden window blinds offer privacy that you want, without sacrificing the ability to let in sunlight on beautiful summer days.

If you’re looking for an added touch, why not check out our wood cornice selection as well? They are a great way to compliment your wood blinds.

Wood Blinds Sizes

No matter what slat size you’re looking for, BlindsOnline.com has you covered. We offer the very popular 2-inch wood blinds and the smaller 1-inch wood blinds at extremely competitive prices. If you're looking for even larger slats, we feature the 2-1/2 inch shutter style wood blinds. No matter what size of wood blinds you're looking for, you can find them at Blinds Online!

Wood Blinds Features

Buying feature rich wood blinds from Blinds Online is a great way to improve your home's decor and resale value. Our real wood blinds have the following features:

  • Made in the USA: All of the blinds we sell on BlindsOnline.com are made in the United States. We believe in supporting American manufacturing and providing our customers with a product that will last for years. Buying from Blinds Online means supporting American jobs.
  • Fabric Tape: Adding colored accents to your decor can pull all of the design elements together. That's why we include an optional fabric tape to several of our wood blinds options to enable you to match colors with the furniture, paint, and other objects in the room.
  • Durability: Our kiln-dried basswood blinds are built to last. The wood we use is elegant and strong, especially designed to keep your rooms looking great for a long time.
  • Color Options: The real wood blinds at BlindsOnline.com come with a wide variety of color options to accompany any decor. With stains ranging from bright white, cherry, mahogany, and flat black, there are colors to compliment any room.

Wood Blinds With Free Shipping

Blinds Online is one of the very few retailers that can offer both wholesale pricing and free shipping to our customers on non-oversized blinds to the lower 48 states. There is a clear reason why BlindsOnline.com is the best place to buy blinds online. With the combination of wholesale pricing and free shipping, it's like double dipping into savings! Be sure to check out our White Blinds Sale and Blinds On Sale pages for even more savings!

Cheap Wood Blinds: Affordable - Not Cheap

Wood blind from Blinds Online are available at wholesale prices. Don't compromise the quality of wood blinds that you purchase from other suppliers who may promise "cheap wood blinds." The difference is important. While other suppliers cut corners in order to improve their profits on cheap wood blinds, Blinds Online never wavers on our commitment to long-lasting, durable, and stylish wood blinds that will last in your home. Affordable wood blinds from BlindsOnline.com are not "cheap wood blinds." We pass the savings we get from our United States manufacturers to you. With our guarantee policy, you know that you're getting a great deal on wood blinds.

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