Make an Informed Choice: The Key Aspects of the Different Types of Window Blinds and Shades

CELLULAR_1A window blind or a shade has many different purposes, from acting as a basic protective device from the sun to enhanced energy efficiency capabilities. Each blind and shade has a design feature that is unique to its own.

Here is a look at the features of the common window coverings used around homes:

Cellular Shades:

• Used basically for purpose of insulation they are a well-known insulated window shades

• Light filtering capabilities vary with each type of shade, choose based on your needs.

• There are many varieties of light-filtering and room-darkening cellular shades.  Shades that can stop light to a 100% are also available.

• Cellular shades come in single, double and sometimes triple-celled shades (triple generally won’t be necessary for homes). A double cell can provide better insulation too.

Vertical blinds:

• Low maintenance and improved privacy

• Well suited for wide windows and doors alike

• Note: If you have a choice always go for high quality fabric, the vinyl coating blocks out heat so acts as a climate control enhancer as well

• PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) has been used as a window covering fabric only a few years back and it has a large following due to its durability and ease of use. An additional factor is the surface of the fabric is easy to clean and maintain. Smooth white vertical blinds have a somewhat glossy finish which adds to the décor of the window shade.

Wooden blinds:

• As décor and functional window covering especially woven wood shades

• Faux wood blinds may have a blend of vinyl and wood or just vinyl based on the product. For a good looking and well-functioning blind choose woven wood blinds.

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