Checklist before buying window blinds and shades

buying window blinds

There can be a lot of reasons why you want to choose a particular type of window blind or shade. The style its efficiency and how best it’s suited to the window you have.

Once you do have an idea of what you may want, you obviously would want to check for a discount on window blinds. Before heading to your nearest home improvement store be sure to check out for ongoing promotions on to save the extra money.

The following are a few things that can act as a basic checklist before buying window blinds and shades

The shade:

The basic purpose of a window shade or blind is to limit the light that enters a room. Figure out how much of natural lighting do you require based on the room. If it’s a bedroom you may want to consider darker shades and lighter shades for the living room, while the kitchen can be always bright. The direction in which the house faces is an important point in choosing a blind.


Based on your budget you can moderate preferences, the living room can have large extravagant blinds and smaller blinds for others. Be aware that the materials the blinds are made of have a key role in the price. Special fabrics features can add to the cost.


If you have children or pets, it’s best to have cordless blinds to avoid misshaps.


Everyone has unique taste, decide on what style are you going for be it, the casual or simple white (which in most cases is best) or any specific colors (light or dark shades and patterns) that can complement the wall paper.

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