Up and Down! A few popular lift options of window blinds and shades

lift options of window blinds

Omni-Rise Cord Loop

Omni-Rise Cord Loop is a popular lift system for cellular and pleated window blinds. This system is generally suited for long window shades. You can determine where the shades stop. Even large shades are easy to operate in this system.

Top Down and Bottom Up Shades

These window blinds and shades can be used in either direction for operational ease in either direction of the window. This is a perfect choice for letting light in through the top of the window and covering the lower part of the window.

Motorized Lift Systems

Remote control operated shades eliminate the need to go to a window to adjust the shades. It may not be a great choice for normal size windows in homes.

Cordless System

This is used mainly for the concern of children. This is known as the ‘finger touch shade’ as they can be moved up or down using just a finger.

Cordless Duo-fold Cellular System

They are a versatile cordless system combined with a dual fold system. They can be raised and lowered with just a finger. They also come in energy efficient fabrics and different options to provide a shade that suits you.

Two-on-One Head Rail

This particular rail system allows each shade that is mounted to operate separately. This system is used when the window is big for efficient functioning of other kinds of blinds or simple due to user preference and convenience.

Day-Night Shades

They have two fabrics in the same set-up for blacking out and light control.

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