Perfect Fit Guarantee

Factory Errors
If the factory makes an error then we will remake your item to the original specifications at no charge and ship it out right away!

Perfect Fit Guarantee
What happens if my blinds don't fit properly?
Did you follow the measuring directions for the product you ordered?
If so, then we will remake 1 item per household order absolutely free!
The customer will be responsible for shipping costs on the new order and (when necessary) shipping the original item to the factory. If the replacement item is more costly than the original, you will be responsible to pay the difference. This guarantee covers incorrect sizing only, not features, options or colors.  All disputes are to be resolved by Arbitration in the state of New York at a location to be determined by, Inc.
We may, under certain circumstances, cut down your original blinds to the correct size.
Shutters do not qualify.
Items that cost more than $500 do not qualify.

How to Avoid Measuring Mistakes
Never measure the size of existing blinds or shades to order new ones- They will not fit properly. Always watch the measuring & installation videos before ordering. We find that 99% of our customers who watch the measuring and installation video related to the product they are ordering do not have any problems getting the correct measurements for their orders.
Download the Ordering Worksheet so you have a written record of the specifications you need while you are ordering

Color Matching
Sometimes computer screens no not render colors correctly. If color match is critical, please order free sample swatches (where available) before you make your final order.

If you have any problems with your order just give us a call 1-866-811-7727- we're here to help!

For product warranty details see Our Warranty

Watch Our How-to videos

download measuring worksheet