A Brief History of How Todays Blinds and Shades Came To Be

Window decoration had not been introduced far later than the introduction of windows. The first known windows were created for the basic function of letting in air, light and as a viewing channel. The earliest known sightings of windows were said to have been found in Egypt, Greece and Roman palaces, temples etc.

But it would be more than a century before windows are covered with shades.

It was inventor Edward Bevan who patented the patented the first Venetian window blind in 1769. The first recorded shade installation was in St. Peters Church, Rome in the year 1761Blinds and ShadesWindow blinds and shades have been in use for these many centuries for their simple yet functional basic design. Although there have been many iterations in the operational capabilities, texture the basic design and purpose remains the same. They are used today for an array of purposes like improving privacy, letting air into the room and helping in improving energy efficiency of a home or a building.

Edward Bevan and the Venetian blind are precursors to today’s large window covering industry. The venetian blind with its horizontal slats have inspired a huge range of products such as the honeycomb blind, vertical blind, horizontal blind, roman shade, roller shade, solar shade, pleated shade, shutters and many others. They are available in many shapes, size and textures based on the window.

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