Choose Bamboo Window Blinds – For Style and Elegance

Window blinds made of bamboo were traditionally in use for centuries in Japan and other parts of Asia. Now these bamboo blinds have become more popular in the rest of the word too.

Why Bamboo blinds?

•    Bamboo blinds make the look of your home more natural.
•    Come in assortment of colors, number of styles and full of texture.
•    Easy to clean.
•    Offers good ventilation
•    Easy to blend with any décor.
•    Offers high quality at a comparatively low cost.
•    Requires low maintenance compared to the rest of the other blinds
•    Environmental friendly
•    Easy to install

Versatile, graceful and durable bamboo window blinds

Bamboo window blinds are simply fun to use because of their versatility. They have a flair and grace of their own and come with different lifting abilities.

How do they catch the eye?

Elegant and stylish as they are, these bamboo window blinds come in different colors and types. They can be used in any room and setting with the same remarkable effect.

Do they add in more extra effects?

Bamboo window blinds are the flavor of contemporary world. They are being used with impunity for decoration in hotels, resorts, offices and events.

Why do you need bamboo blind for your room?

With so much to offer, these bamboo window blinds are a must to give our rooms a sophisticated and chic look.

Make you move into the next level by transforming your living rooms with the domination of bamboo all over and get the jungle look Wood Window Blinds.

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Choose Window Blinds to Complement the Room

In the contemporary world, window blinds are keeping its trend up and high over all other window treatments.

How did window blinds stand out from the crowd, when they had so many competitors?

Blinds have more advantages than the rest of its alternatives. Here are the three most graceful reasons

•    Privacy
•    Light Control
•    Decorative

Let’s find out how to choose window blinds to compliment your room –:

•    Firstly, choose the type of blind – it comes in different variety, colours, shapes and sizes.
•    Display a calmer tone or choose bright or darker color blinds. Make sure that the color complements the color of the walls and furnishings of the room.

Types of blinds and its features

You can find different types of blinds to select for your rooms. Here is the choice for your pick.

Metal Blinds:

•    These blinds are selected for its longevity
•    Can be cleaned easily
•    The slats are the part of the blind that are metal.
•    Available in many colours and thickness

Wood Blinds:

•    The slats are wood in this type of blinds
•    Drawstrings are used to open and close the blinds
•    Can be easily painted by any individual.

Cane Blinds:

•    The slats of these blinds are made of cane
•    Cane can be made from bamboo which is an environmentally sustainable choice as it grows back quickly

Vinyl Blinds:

•    Vinyl is used in the making of Venetian blinds
•    They are cheaper than wood and metal
•    They are easy to clean.

Anyone would like to make their rooms look cozy and comfortable! If you are one among them, then choose window blinds! In fact, Blinds without curtains will make the room appear larger. Window blinds can be used in any room of a home, condominium or apartment. They are useful for blocking out the sun and provide insulation in the winter.

Buy quality Window Blinds and Shades from at the best prices. When adding charm and style to your home, consider window blinds for their looks and functionality.

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Window Blinds – Better Alternative to Curtains

Dress your window with the exclusive variety of window treatments. When sprucing up a room to add a little decoration and ambiance, many people will opt for window blinds, which will provide an elegant and aesthetic accent to the room.

When you are on a quest to finding the best window treatment that protects your privacy or shade you from glaring sun,

Will bedazzle curtain beads or eclectic pieces make a creative atmosphere? No. Why? Here is the answer

Addition of window blinds is the best choice to add an elegant and aesthetic accent to the room.

You can find modern varieties of window blinds to complement your room. Here we go for the few of the attractive choices,

•    The most attractive – Persian or the Slat Blinds
•    The Circulator – Venetian Blinds
•    The big screen – Vertical Blinds
•    The huge display = Holland Blinds
•    The pleasant looking – Pleated Blinds
•    The designer – Honeycomb Blinds

Pattern and style of blinds:

Slat Blinds: The most popular one; this variety consists of metallic or vinyl horizontal slats or strips. It can be rotated and are connected with a string.

Venetian blinds: Venetian blinds are usually made of plastic or metal, and sometimes wood. These have horizontal slats that slightly overlap each other. They are hung by tapes or cords, and the slats together rotate.

Vertical Blinds: These blinds are more durable and can withstand strong winds and resist dirt. Generally made of thick plastic, these blinds are used in homes or offices where, the doors are kept open.

Some of other varieties of window blinds include track blind, pleated shade, and roller blinds.

Achieve an elegant atmosphere in your living room with the alternative window dress ups with Blinds. Buy Discount Window Blinds from Blinds Online showcasing collections of window blinds in amazing styles.

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Exclusive Energy Efficient Window Blinds and Shades for You

Window blinds and shades are a popular option among window coverings. Available in both vertical and horizontal slat types they are made out of different materials like wood, plastic or sometimes light weight and non-corrosive metal. They have proven to be an effective ally in reducing summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

Energy Efficient Window BlindsInterior blinds consist of numerous openings between the slats, but they are quite flexible to adjust as per your needs and privacy. Light colored interior blinds are preferred in many homes across the United States as it diffuses the light without much heat or glare.

Tip: Installing blinds and shades have proven to restrict up to 45% of heat gain and loss alike.

Exterior blinds are usually made of wood, steel, aluminum or vinyl. Exterior blinds provide a complete shade if they are lowered and it may allow some air and daylight if you raise them partially. Exterior blinds are generally preferred where the lighting of a room is fixed and not so frequently altered. Fixing the shades facing the warmest side during the cooling season and inward during the heating season is a simple way that can be used to obtain energy efficiency.

Shades act as both insulation and air barrier, and they also control air infiltration more effectively.

A pleated or cellular shade increases the insulation value but it provides only slight control of air infiltration. Roller, solar, roman and woven wooden shades turn out the light and help maintaining natural lightening. Also they are elegant which adds to the ambience.

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A Brief History of How Todays Blinds and Shades Came To Be

Window decoration had not been introduced far later than the introduction of windows. The first known windows were created for the basic function of letting in air, light and as a viewing channel. The earliest known sightings of windows were said to have been found in Egypt, Greece and Roman palaces, temples etc.

But it would be more than a century before windows are covered with shades.

It was inventor Edward Bevan who patented the patented the first Venetian window blind in 1769. The first recorded shade installation was in St. Peters Church, Rome in the year 1761Blinds and ShadesWindow blinds and shades have been in use for these many centuries for their simple yet functional basic design. Although there have been many iterations in the operational capabilities, texture the basic design and purpose remains the same. They are used today for an array of purposes like improving privacy, letting air into the room and helping in improving energy efficiency of a home or a building.

Edward Bevan and the Venetian blind are precursors to today’s large window covering industry. The venetian blind with its horizontal slats have inspired a huge range of products such as the honeycomb blind, vertical blind, horizontal blind, roman shade, roller shade, solar shade, pleated shade, shutters and many others. They are available in many shapes, size and textures based on the window.

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