How the Addition of Discount Wood Cornices from Can Improve the Functionality of Any Window Treatment

blog-june-3Are you planning on remodeling your windows in the near future? If so, then you are probably already familiar with wood cornices. If you are not familiar with what a wood cornice is, a wood cornice is a valance, defined by Miriam-Webster as, “a short piece of cloth or a wooden or a metal frame that I placed across the top of a window for decoration.” But wood cornices have a much greater function than pure aesthetics.

Not only do wood cornices hide any unappealing hardware that is sticking out of your windows, but they also function to ensure that you can control the amount of light that enters through the top edge.  Moreover, certain wood cornices can also be designed to make a room appear to have a higher ceiling. At, we offer DIYers our real wood cornices that come in painted or stained and several different finishes.

Wood cornices are ideal for decorating windows and can add a touch of organized beauty to any room. To find out more about the benefits of discount wood cornices available from, visit our website today. We are currently offering 10% off of our wood cornices; just remember to enter the discount code “WOOD6” when checking out!

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