How Purchasing Discount Skylight Shades from this Summer Can Make All the Difference

For the most part, nobody likes to wake up to a face full of sun, so why not keep it out of your bedroom for good this summer? Discount skylight shades, offered from, are an effective and affordable shading option that allows you to decide when and if you want to let the sun into your home.

blog-june-2Skylight shades are the perfect solution for blocking out sunlight in the morning, while still allowing that cool breeze to pass in. An added benefit of skylight shades is that they also increase energy efficiency all year long. #energyefficient

When it comes to customizing your skylight shades, you have countless options available to you. At alone, you can choose from skylight light filtering shades or skylight blackout shades, depending on your personal preference. While the light filtering shades are engineered to keep the cold out during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer, blackout shades are made to block out 99% of all sunlight.

To find out more about the discount skylight shades available from, visit our website today. We are currently offering 10% off of our skylight shades; just remember to enter the discount code “JUNESKY” when checking out!

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