What Makes Shangri-La Shades So Unique?

blog-june-4Have you been looking for a versatile, new window treatment that is both practical and visually appealing? Shangri-La shades, also known as horizontal shades, diffuse natural light and let you modify the atmosphere of any room at your whim. When in placed in a bedroom, these shades allow you to enjoy the light of each sunrise knowing that privacy and shade is completely within your control.

Horizontal shades softly filter natural, outdoor light when open, but can also easily be adjusted to function like drapes or shades because they feature an easy-to-use sliding weight and pulley blind system. Although there are many other window treatments that function much like Shangri-La shades, one singular, distinctive function separates horizontal shades from the rest: they can be raised even when the vanes are still open.

Another reason so many decorators and facility managers use horizontal shades is because they are an elegant addition to any room. This is because these shades come with a head rail and fabric to hide hardware, thereby allowing for an unobstructed view.

If you are a DIYer looking for a quick #homeimprovement project that will also improve the way you feel when you wake up, consider the horizontal shades available from BlindsOnLine.com. We currently offer 2” light filtering, 3” light filtering, 2” room darkening, and 3” room darkening shades. Create your own unique visual experience and relish in the comfort of each morning simply by installing new Shangri-La shades.

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