Give Your Home a Coastal Feel with Plantation Shutters

plantation shuttersGive your home a coastal feel by installing composite plantation shutters. Plantation shutters add something to a room that no other window covering can. In addition to their sheer beauty and architectural detail, they are terrific performers at controlling light and privacy, plus when closed, they provide a bit of sound control.

Composite Plantation shutters

can be installed as “café” style which simply means that the shutter is only about one half as high as the window. This allows you to see outside and get light into the room while still providing some degree of privacy.

Since plantation shutters provide complete light control they are a good choice for media rooms, bedrooms and offices where room darkening is desirable.

When made of composite materials, these not only add a cool and crisp look to the window, they are easy to clean, water & humidity resistant and light in weight.

Shutters can be ordered in 2 ½ inch or 3 ½ inch width giving you a styling option. Options for hidden tilt bar are also available. Whatever your preference, be assured that these shutters will last a long time and continue to look fresh and new.

Installation can be done inside the window frame, if there is sufficient depth to accommodate the shutters or outside the frame. Outside mounting involves installing a frame of sorts on the wall or moldings that surround the window. Then the shutter panels are mounted to the frame. If you have tilt control windows or crank control windows there may be an interference with window operation so consider this before you order.

The guys at have done a good job of simplifying the measuring & installing process so almost anyone with a little skill and a few tools can do it. They have videos showing the entire process so give that a look before you decide if plantation shutters are for you.

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2 thoughts on “Give Your Home a Coastal Feel with Plantation Shutters”

  1. I love the plantation shutters that I had installed in our home. They look great and are really easy to clean. I also like the fact that I can easily adjust them and let in the right amount of light to create the right ambiance.

  2. I never really thought that shades or shutters could change the look and feel of your room. Like you mentioned, they can really change the way light comes into the room and impacts the atmosphere that way. I might need to see all my options for shades and shutters and figure out what would work best for the environment I’m trying to create. Thanks for the great tips to consider!

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