White Blinds for Minimalist Style

Minimalism in the simplest terms, is the concept of pairing down style elements to create cleaner, simpler looking, art. Using the term art broadly of course. Minimalism, made popular in the 1960s and 1970s, minimalism surfaced in painting, architecture, music, poetry, and even has contributed to a resurgence in interest in stoic philosophy. Minimalism is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Below are some of our recommendations for window treatments to give your room a clean, open look, sure to appeal to minimalist lovers.

White Roman Shades

Roman shades were originally developed in ancient Rome to help shield indoor areas from sunlight. White roman shades offer clean lines and simplicity of style that can compliment any room. One of the great things about roman shades is that they can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth or even a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Historically speaking, this is the most ‘spartan’ you can get in terms of window treatments.

White Single Cell Shades

White single cell shades offer the clean lines most minimalists are searching for with the added benefit of energy efficiency. Cellular shades are designed to trap a small pocket of air inside the cells which creates an insulating effect to help cut down on your energy bills. Part of the minimalist philosophy is to reduce the unnecessary from everyday life to focus on the essential. This closely aligns with the goal of single cell shades, which reduce your energy bill, so you can focus on saving money.

White Plantation Shutters

White plantation shutters are one of the most popular window treatment that we carry at Blinds Online and for good reason. Composed using a pvc base for durability and resistance to humid climates. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth, plantation shutters give an incredible open feel to any room. Plantation shutters gained their popularity in the historic South before the civil war. However, they actually date back to ancient Greece, making them as historically significant as Roman Shades. Plantation shutters gained their name from their popularity as being used on massive plantation windows, providing privacy when needed, but plenty of sunlight when the slats are opened.

White Vertical Blinds

Similar to our plantation shutters, our white vertical blinds are also made from a smooth PVC material for easy cleaning and resistance to humidity. Vertical blinds are the window treatment of choice for large glass sliding doors (like patio doors) and help provide privacy when you need it. One of the unique benefits of vertical blinds is because of their orientation, they are much less likely to collect dust than horizontal window treatments. First invented by Edward and Frederick Bopp in 1952, vertical blinds are a somewhat new creation when compared to previously mentioned styles.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism is a wonderful aesthetic style that can really open up even the smallest spaces. In the end, it truly depends on personal preference, your window treatment goals, and what type of window you’re covering. No matter what style you’re thinking about Blinds Online can help you decide. Our customer service team can work with you to get your blinds to your home quickly!

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