Redecorating Your Kitchen? How Purchasing Window Blinds Can Help

Have you been thinking about renovating your kitchen? If so, then you might be trying to save on costs, but one area you can’t cut costs with is your windows. Did you know that each year, countless of Americans lose hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars because their windows lose heat in the winter and bring it in during the summer. The good news is that you can save money by purchasing energy efficient blinds and other window treatments online from companies like Continue reading Redecorating Your Kitchen? How Purchasing Window Blinds Can Help

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What to Think About When Buying a New House

The windows of a home are not only a huge part of its overall appeal, but can also be a source of significant heat loss and gain. When you are searching for a new home, it is important to inspect every part of the house and never forget the windows. If they look old, weathered, or have gaps, you will have to replace them or face the excruciating heat during the summer, the chilling cold during the winter, and the heavy electrical bills all year round. #energyefficient Continue reading What to Think About When Buying a New House

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Last Chance of the Summer to Purchase Discount Skylight Shades on Sale at

If you are looking for discount skylight shades, chances are that you are looking for one of the cheapest options available to you, but that shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars., offers an alternative option; customers who purchase discount skylight shades from will find that they are much less expensive because they are intended for Do-It-Yourselfers, decorators, and facility managers who can install them on their own.

Skylights are a great addition to any room because it allows homeowners to look up at the sky, often straight from the comfort of their own beds. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to install skylight shades because they are usually situated on top of ceilings and other awkward places. However, if you are qualified to add these honeycomb-shaped shades to your skylights on your own, you will be able to control when you want light to touch every inch of your home and when you want complete darkness.

Currently offers the following discount skylight shade options:


Skylight Light Filtering Shades Skylight Blackout Shades

To find out more about the different discount skylight shades available from’s white label manufacturers, visit their website today and type in the promotional code (AUGSKY) on checkout to receive 10% off of their products. If you would like to find skylight shade design ideas visit

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How to Measure for Window Blinds & Shades with the Help of Treatment Experts from

blog-aug6thWhether you are looking to install aluminum mini blinds, wood blinds, cellular shades, or some other form of window treatment, you need to start by measuring your windows because even the slightest mistake can prevent you from sealing your windows completely. As a result, too much heat may escape your home during the winter, thereby increasing the price of your energy bill.

How to Measure for Window Blinds or Shades

There are different ways to measure your blinds or shades, depending on the type of window treatment you wish to install. Aluminum mini blinds, wood blinds, and cellular shades all require a different installation procedure and should be researched thoroughly prior to taking any action. For example, depending on whether you want an inside or an outside mount, you may have to measure your blinds or shades differently. #measuresmart has tons of different options for window treatments from all sorts of white label manufacturers, each of which may require different measurements. If you are a decorator, facility manager, or a Do-It-Yourselfer, there are many different variables that can affect how you should measure your window prior to purchasing shades or blinds. Visit or explore the website for yourself to learn more about how to properly measure and install your own blinds or shades.

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Climate Control & Energy-Efficient Cost Savings – Why Green-Friendly Shades from Are a Must for Homeowners

With countless toxins being released to the air and the population reaching frightening new levels (about 9 billion by 2050), there are more and more reasons to start being environmentally conscious. One way to do this is by purchasing green-friendly shades for your home. is one of a few online companies that currently encourage facility managers, decorators, and DIYers to make environmentally positive choices by offering energy efficient shades from white label manufacturers. Currently their selection includes:

Insulating ComforTrack Light Filtering Shades

Insulating ComforTrack Blackout Shades

Not only are energy-efficient blinds good for the world that we live in, but they can also save you a lot of money on your power bills. This is because these green-friendly treatments effectively seal all leaks between the window frame; thereby minimizing the amount of heat that is able to escape.

Like many of’s other products, their cost saving shades are also UV ray resistant. To find out more about all of the energy-efficient shades available from, visit their website today. If you would like to gain more design and installation ideas view today!

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Window Shopping for the Perfect Window Treatment? Check out’s Newest Line of Cheap Mini Blinds

If you are looking for a window treatment that offers the greatest amount of versatility at the most affordable price, you might want to try and shop mini blinds. Mini blinds, also referred to as Venetian blinds, are often used by decorators, facility managers, and DIYers alike because of their superior economical nature (compared to other window treatments like roller shades) and easy installation feature. #easyinstallation

Moreover, when browsing through mini blinds online, you may notice that they offer many aesthetic and functional customization options. Available in 26 different colors and countless styles/sizes, finding the perfect blind to match with the color of your décor is now easier than ever.

Currently offers the following mini blinds at discounted prices:


 blog-1-july8th  blog-1-july8th-2  blog-1-july8th-3
Professional Series 1
Aluminum Mini Blinds
Micro Mini Blinds
Aluminum Blinds
Premium 1” Aluminum
Mini Blinds

At, we stock a wide array of window treatments created by white label manufacturers. If you are unsure of how to install any of our products, be sure to hire a professional contractor who will do it for you.

To learn more about’s cheap mini blinds, browse through our website. Shop smart. Shop mini blinds and start living life comfortably.

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Don’t Pay Ridiculous Costs for Discount Blinds Online – Compares Window Treatments from Top Online Sellers

There are many popular window treatments currently on the market, but none more versatile than cellular shades. Cellular shades, also commonly known as honeycomb shades, are a light filtering shade that can be completely customized. Honeycomb shades come in a wide variety of colors, cordless/slide/child-safety options, and can be used to regulate the temperature of a home thanks to their insulation capabilities.

At, we make sure that DIYers and contractors don’t pay ridiculous costs when purchasing discount shades online. Unlike our competitors, we offer discount prices to save you money. Take for example our Cordless Single Cellular Shade:

The Cordless Single Cellular Shade’s Price: $63.57 (White ¾” Cordless Single Cell)

Home Depot’s Price: An average of $100, depending on the shade’s Price: $125 + Free Shipping

We also have other affordable window treatments for any budget. Take for example our White 2” Faux Wood Blinds, available for only $28.25. At, their most expensive faux wood blinds are $60 and some of Home Depot’s faux shades cost up to almost $140.

If you are looking for the best deal on discount blinds online, ships within 3 days and is usually more affordable than bigger companies like the Home Depot and To learn more about’s discount blinds online, browse through our website.

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Avoid the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays with Discount Solar Screen Roller Shades from


If you are looking for your perfect window treatment, but still have yet to find the right one, it might be a good idea to make a list of what you are looking for then conducting research prior to making an online purchase. Take for example if you are trying to buy discount solar screen roller shades.

There are many advantages to using solar screen roller shades:

  • First and foremost, they filter out 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while still allowing occupants a clear view to the outside world.
  • This vinyl coated fiberglass shade is available in 3%, 5%, and 10% openness options to help homeowners create a more spacious environment with the perfect amount of natural light.
  • From white to charcoal-bronze, there are countless color and customization options. At, our roller shades come in 7 different colors to match any interior.
  • Furthermore,’s discount solar screen roller shades can be customized with a motor to automatically control lighting and temperature within your home.

At, we stock a wide array of window treatments created by white label manufacturers. If you are unsure of how to install any of our products, be sure to hire a professional contractor who will do it for you.

To learn more about’s discount solar screen roller shades, browse through our website. For a limited time only, we are offering a 10% discount off solar screen roller shades; simply input the code “SOLAR” on checkout.

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How Purchasing Discount Skylight Shades from this Summer Can Make All the Difference

For the most part, nobody likes to wake up to a face full of sun, so why not keep it out of your bedroom for good this summer? Discount skylight shades, offered from, are an effective and affordable shading option that allows you to decide when and if you want to let the sun into your home.

blog-june-2Skylight shades are the perfect solution for blocking out sunlight in the morning, while still allowing that cool breeze to pass in. An added benefit of skylight shades is that they also increase energy efficiency all year long. #energyefficient

When it comes to customizing your skylight shades, you have countless options available to you. At alone, you can choose from skylight light filtering shades or skylight blackout shades, depending on your personal preference. While the light filtering shades are engineered to keep the cold out during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer, blackout shades are made to block out 99% of all sunlight.

To find out more about the discount skylight shades available from, visit our website today. We are currently offering 10% off of our skylight shades; just remember to enter the discount code “JUNESKY” when checking out!

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Need to Buy Wholesale Blinds Online in a Hurry? Why Not Try 2-Day Window Treatments from

If you are a designer, fabricator, or just looking to install your own window treatments, there are many options of shades, shutters and blinds available to you online. But the shipping and manufacturing processes can often take many days and may be inconvenient to anyone who is on a deadline.

blog1-That is why offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of their 2 day blinds and shades. #FastShipping

What Are’s 2 Day Blinds & Shades?

Our 2 day blinds and shades are the ideal option for individuals who want a good looking, high quality product, but are in a hurry. Just as their name implies, 2 day window treatments are manufactured to each customers’ sizes and shipped out within the course of 2 working days of processing the order.

We currently offer several options for 2 day blinds:

  • 2 ½” Shutter Style Wood Blinds
  • Premium 2” Wood Blinds
  • Premium 2” Faux Wood Blinds
  • Premium 2” Faux Wood Grained Blinds
  • Express 2” Faux Wood Blinds

When you need to buy blinds quickly, choose to buy wholesale blinds online from the website and have your orders shipped within 2 days of placing your order. Browse our website today to view our full line of products!

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