Working on Home Renovations this spring? Why Not Save with Discount Window Shades from #HomeReno

If you are do-it-yourselfer, a decorator, or a facility manager currently looking for new window shades, you may already know that this will likely be a costly expenditure – especially if you are working in a large home with lots of natural sunlight.

One way that you can save on your window expenses in the long run is by purchasing energy efficient shades. Although the Insulating Shade ComfoTrack Light Filtering and the Insulating Shade ComfoTrack Blackout Shade from may seem pricey at first, they effectively seal space between the frame and window in order to minimize heat loss/gain, thereby saving you money over time. Continue reading Working on Home Renovations this spring? Why Not Save with Discount Window Shades from #HomeReno

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Why Skylight Blackout Shades Are the Perfect Addition to Any Master Bedroom

If you are the type of person who can’t stand waking up to a face full of sun, you should consider installing skylight blackout shades in your master bedroom before the hot summer days are upon us. #summer

As the name suggests, blackout shades block out unwanted light with their opaque fabric. Wake up feeling refreshed by extending your night’s sleep; these unique shades will block out 99% of all unwanted outdoor light. #skylight Continue reading Why Skylight Blackout Shades Are the Perfect Addition to Any Master Bedroom

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Looking for Wood Cornices? Offers Quality Products at 10% Discount for a Limited Time

Starting in April, is offering all of their customers 10% off of their wood cornices. But why should you choose’s products over other companies that offer wood cornices? It’s simple; each and every product is made with care and high quality materials. #SpringSavings Continue reading Looking for Wood Cornices? Offers Quality Products at 10% Discount for a Limited Time

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Find Roller Shades at 10% below Wholesale this Month at

blog2-1From Economy Blackout Roller Shades, to Room Darkening Roller Shades, Light Filtering Roller Shades, Sheer Weave Roller Shades, and Economy Solar Screen Roller Shades, customers who visit have many different options to choose from. Now, for a limited time in April, customers can take advantage of’s wide selection of roller shades with a 10% promotional offer on all orders over $200. #SpringSales Continue reading Find Roller Shades at 10% below Wholesale this Month at

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Cellular Shades—A Buyer’s Guide for

Shades are no longer what they used to be. Today, you can get highly functional and fashionable shades without breaking the bank in the process. Cellular shades are a popular shade style because they offer clean lines and can filter light in just about any room of the house. They also serve multiple purposes, allowing you to cover glass doors, arches and even skylights. Use cellular shades in the living room, kitchen, sunroom and even the family room. #HomeRenovations Continue reading Cellular Shades—A Buyer’s Guide for

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Grass Cloth Pleated Shades Are Here

grass cloth pleated shade

New Pleated Shades has a new line of very cool looking pleated shades in what is known as “grass cloth” pattern. Grass cloth is made of 100% polyester but looks just like woven wood shades or woven grass materials. The shades are available in 6 different patterns that resemble natural fibers and reeds. I installed them in an extra bedroom and they look great! The shades naturally provide a significant degree of privacy and do let in a little light. A blackout liner is available if you need full light control as is a privacy liner if you want enhanced privacy. I opted for the cordless shades which provide added child safety. You can see the full line of Grass Cloth Pleated Shades on my site.

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Make an Informed Choice: The Key Aspects of the Different Types of Window Blinds and Shades

CELLULAR_1A window blind or a shade has many different purposes, from acting as a basic protective device from the sun to enhanced energy efficiency capabilities. Each blind and shade has a design feature that is unique to its own.

Here is a look at the features of the common window coverings used around homes:

Cellular Shades:

• Used basically for purpose of insulation they are a well-known insulated window shades

• Light filtering capabilities vary with each type of shade, choose based on your needs.

• There are many varieties of light-filtering and room-darkening cellular shades.  Shades that can stop light to a 100% are also available.

• Cellular shades come in single, double and sometimes triple-celled shades (triple generally won’t be necessary for homes). A double cell can provide better insulation too.

Vertical blinds:

• Low maintenance and improved privacy

• Well suited for wide windows and doors alike

• Note: If you have a choice always go for high quality fabric, the vinyl coating blocks out heat so acts as a climate control enhancer as well

• PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) has been used as a window covering fabric only a few years back and it has a large following due to its durability and ease of use. An additional factor is the surface of the fabric is easy to clean and maintain. Smooth white vertical blinds have a somewhat glossy finish which adds to the décor of the window shade.

Wooden blinds:

• As décor and functional window covering especially woven wood shades

• Faux wood blinds may have a blend of vinyl and wood or just vinyl based on the product. For a good looking and well-functioning blind choose woven wood blinds.

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Exclusive Energy Efficient Window Blinds and Shades for You

Window blinds and shades are a popular option among window coverings. Available in both vertical and horizontal slat types they are made out of different materials like wood, plastic or sometimes light weight and non-corrosive metal. They have proven to be an effective ally in reducing summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

Energy Efficient Window BlindsInterior blinds consist of numerous openings between the slats, but they are quite flexible to adjust as per your needs and privacy. Light colored interior blinds are preferred in many homes across the United States as it diffuses the light without much heat or glare.

Tip: Installing blinds and shades have proven to restrict up to 45% of heat gain and loss alike.

Exterior blinds are usually made of wood, steel, aluminum or vinyl. Exterior blinds provide a complete shade if they are lowered and it may allow some air and daylight if you raise them partially. Exterior blinds are generally preferred where the lighting of a room is fixed and not so frequently altered. Fixing the shades facing the warmest side during the cooling season and inward during the heating season is a simple way that can be used to obtain energy efficiency.

Shades act as both insulation and air barrier, and they also control air infiltration more effectively.

A pleated or cellular shade increases the insulation value but it provides only slight control of air infiltration. Roller, solar, roman and woven wooden shades turn out the light and help maintaining natural lightening. Also they are elegant which adds to the ambience.

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A Brief History of How Todays Blinds and Shades Came To Be

Window decoration had not been introduced far later than the introduction of windows. The first known windows were created for the basic function of letting in air, light and as a viewing channel. The earliest known sightings of windows were said to have been found in Egypt, Greece and Roman palaces, temples etc.

But it would be more than a century before windows are covered with shades.

It was inventor Edward Bevan who patented the patented the first Venetian window blind in 1769. The first recorded shade installation was in St. Peters Church, Rome in the year 1761Blinds and ShadesWindow blinds and shades have been in use for these many centuries for their simple yet functional basic design. Although there have been many iterations in the operational capabilities, texture the basic design and purpose remains the same. They are used today for an array of purposes like improving privacy, letting air into the room and helping in improving energy efficiency of a home or a building.

Edward Bevan and the Venetian blind are precursors to today’s large window covering industry. The venetian blind with its horizontal slats have inspired a huge range of products such as the honeycomb blind, vertical blind, horizontal blind, roman shade, roller shade, solar shade, pleated shade, shutters and many others. They are available in many shapes, size and textures based on the window.

BlindsOnline is an online portal that offers discount faux wood blinds and window shades for sale.

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