Insulated Window Shades – Last time you Felt this Warm your Feet were in the Sand!


Today, an average home spends almost 40% energy on just cooling and heating their indoors. Doors and Windows do add value and bring in adequate sunlight and breeze, but they come at a dear cost of exchanging indoor heat with outside cold. It could be the window glass and air leaks that can lead to energy loss. Here are few ways to keep the cold air at bay and stay warm in your home:

Insulated Window Shades

Hanging in insulated window shades will definitely make you feel the change instantly as they decrease loss of heat by almost 45% by hindering air drafts and avoiding any loss through your windows. With more focus on saving the planet and an improved focus on decreasing energy bills, your desire for making your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient is possible by choosing the best window blinds and shades. You can effectively seal any leaks between the frame and the window with insulated shades and save money on energy bills.


A lot of good warmth can be produced by burning wood, however there could be heat loss through the chimney. So when you are not planning to avail the fireplace, you can ensure the damper gets sealed, as this can avoid almost 10% heat loss going up your house chimney. Always remember to block fireplaces that are seldom used.

Door Bottom Draft stoppers

A small gap at your door’s bottom can be the same as a big hole in your wall, only it looks tiny and inconsiderable. But imagine how much cool breeze that lets in without even you noticing it. By installing an insulated door bottom draft stopper, you can keep the cool breeze out and this helps in saving your energy costs.

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