Hole in the Wall – Discovering Energy Efficient Window Treatments


Did you know almost 25% energy loss (cooling and heating costs) at your homes takes place due to windows every year. Before you buy window blinds and shades, it is important to understand the issues related to energy efficient treatments. This includes the pros and cons of insulated window shades and more.

Energy vanishes right out of the window when there are no efficient insulated shades and blinds. No wonder, windows are often referred to as holes in the wall! As you know windows have a big impact on how our homes function and feel, so we of course want to ensure they are perfect. However, even the best windows have a real hard time doing everything we expect them to perform. Gleefully, we can make our windows do better by opting for insulated window shades and wood window blinds.

These days, you can find cool solutions to make your home windows more efficient and comfortable, that too without breaking your bank. It doesn’t matter if you installed the costliest windows in the world, the first thing that needs to be done is to change the way it functions. This can happen by installing thermal curtains, insulated window shades and woven window shades among others.

On the other hand, replacement windows can be something one can get excited about, as they offer latest features to decrease energy bills. However, most Eco friendly building experts suggest it is not an effective way to shell out your money. By relying on less expensive treatments like discount window blinds can turn out to be a better bet. They not only offer energy efficiency but also help in room darkening and come in popular colors, making them stylish and completely customizable. Get that seamless insulation and appearance while decreasing your energy bills.

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