Climate Control & Energy-Efficient Cost Savings – Why Green-Friendly Shades from Are a Must for Homeowners

With countless toxins being released to the air and the population reaching frightening new levels (about 9 billion by 2050), there are more and more reasons to start being environmentally conscious. One way to do this is by purchasing green-friendly shades for your home. is one of a few online companies that currently encourage facility managers, decorators, and DIYers to make environmentally positive choices by offering energy efficient shades from white label manufacturers. Currently their selection includes:

Insulating ComforTrack Light Filtering Shades

Insulating ComforTrack Blackout Shades

Not only are energy-efficient blinds good for the world that we live in, but they can also save you a lot of money on your power bills. This is because these green-friendly treatments effectively seal all leaks between the window frame; thereby minimizing the amount of heat that is able to escape.

Like many of’s other products, their cost saving shades are also UV ray resistant. To find out more about all of the energy-efficient shades available from, visit their website today. If you would like to gain more design and installation ideas view today!

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