Your Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Wood Blinds from

Over the past several decades, wood blinds (also commonly referred to as "shutter blinds”) have been gradually growing in popularity, and for good reason. Made from authentic natural materials, wood blinds are chosen by homeowners all over the world for their attractive look and functional design. Unlike traditional shutters, curtains, or other types of blinds, wooden blinds add a beauty to a home that is visible both from the inside and out. #decoratingideas

However, the team at believes that it is important for all customers to make an informed decision on what they put on their windows prior to making a purchase; after all, windows are one of the most common features on a home. That is why they have put together a wood blinds buying guide, complete with detailed information to expand your knowledge of their products.

What are the main advantages of purchasing shutter blinds?

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the primary reasons that homeowners choose wooden blinds is because they are more attractive than many other alternatives on the market. Their wooden composition adds a rustic, but charming, appeal to the home. Customers who are interested in more than just the natural appearance of wood can also stain or paint their blinds to complement any dιcor.


Although’s shutter blinds are all manufactured from basswood, they still offer homeowners a wide range of options. Currently, offers customers Economy 2”, Premium 2”, 2 ½” Shutter Style, and Premium 1” wood blind products. In addition, customers can also choose to purchase unfinished blinds and customize them with painted or stained finishes.


Unlike fabric, vinyl, plastic, or other materials, wood is very thick and is, therefore, perfect for creating a private home environment and keeping out unwanted sunlight when closed. Moreover, wood blinds also produce a comfortable indoor atmosphere by providing insulation from both the heat and the cold.


As mentioned above, wooden shutter blinds act as insulators and although they may seem like an expensive option at first, they are really quite affordable. Wood blinds are extremely durable and can last for a very long time. What this means is that, over time, customers can actually save money on their heating and cooling bills by choosing to purchase wood blinds.

Low Maintenance

Moreover, shutter blinds are also very easy to keep clean because they have larger slats than other blind materials, especially plastic; dust on plastic blinds can often go unnoticed until there is a thick layer has built up. Unlike certain other types of blinds, wooden blinds can also be cleaned without having to be taken down. The staff at recommend that homeowners clean their blinds once every 6 months to ensure that their blinds last as long as possible. #longlasting

Easy Installation

At, staff know that oftentimes it may be difficult to install blinds, shades, or curtains to windows, which is why they offer educational installation guides on their website. But with wooden blinds, the installation process is simple. This is mainly because wooden blinds are not particularly fragile and can be installed by homeowners without worry. However, customers who want to ensure a perfect fit and don’t mind spending a little more money on their windows are encouraged to contact a professional company that will install the blinds for them.

What are the different wood blind options available from

Economy 2” Wood Blinds

These types of blinds offer customers complete UV protection in their home without having to sacrifice style. Offered in 5 different colors (cherry v712, golden oak v709, oak v707, eggshell v703, and white v700) Economy 2” blinds offer customers a wide range of customization options.

Premium 2” Wood Blinds

Premium 2” wood blinds offer customers even more design options with 17 different colors and 24 different fabric colors. Manufactured from the finest basswood, these blinds can be fitted to a wide range of window sizes. They also feature a 3” decorative crown molding valance.

Premium 1” Wood Blinds

Like the Premium 2” wood blinds, the Premium 1” are virtually similar in every aspect: they come in 17 different colors, fit all types of window sizes, and come in painted/stained finishes. The major difference between these two options is aesthetics; the Premium 1” are much smaller in size than the Premium 2”.

2 ½” Shutter Style Wood Blinds

Made from the finest wood, 2 ½” shutter style wood blinds come in 9 different painted or stained finishes and include a 3” decorative crown molding as well as all the necessary mounting hardware. As the name states, these blinds are 2 ½” – the widest size available from


Armed with the above knowledge, customers should feel confident enough to decide whether or not wood blinds are the right option for them. Browse the inventory today to find the perfect shutter blind and place an order today! #homeimprovement

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