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In recent years, roller shades have made a huge comeback in residential, commercial, and institutional settings, and for good reason. Unlike the old, cheaply made roller shades that you may remember seeing at your grandparents’ house, today’s roller shades are still designed to work in the same way, but with one major difference: you can now choose from a wide range of high-quality fabrics!

What Fabric is Right for Your Windows?

Prior to deciding on a fabric for your window shade, ask yourself the following questions:

- Does the amount of sunlight that enters through your shades really matter? Roller shade fabrics can be designed to darken a room or come in 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, and 25 degrees of openness.

- Are you looking for fire retardant, environmentally friendly, antimicrobial, or acoustical fabric? Roller shades come in all sorts of styles and all offer their own distinct set of benefits.

- Are aesthetics important to you? When browsing through window shades online, you will notice that decorative fabrics come in all sorts of styles including, printed textured, translucent, or transparent.

How Can You Make Your Roller Shades Look Even More Unique?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware of all the different websites that encourage individuals to DIY. The following tips can transform your old roller shades or add a little bit more flare:

- Cross-stitching can be a delicate operation, so if you are not proficient in the art, toss out your needle and thread. Find a print out a cross stitching pattern and trace it onto your shades with a pencil. Once you are done, carefully paint in the crosses with some white paint.

- Another way you can upgrade your discount roller shades is by using hot glue to attach a fabric of your choice on top of your original and inexpensive product.

- Pom poms can also be easily fastened to the bottom of any shades, adding a touch of creativity without the hassle.

- Explore the World Wide Web to find countless ideas that will improve the look of your shades.

What are the Other Benefits of Roller Shades?

Regardless of what kind of window shades you decide to purchase, roller shades offer a number of advantages in addition to functionality and aesthetics:


Although discount roller shades are one of the most inexpensive window treatments on the market, they offer superior value compared to other options.

Sunlight Control

Roller shades can be adjusted, not only to block out all light, but to manage the amount of light that enters a room without having to sacrifice the view.

Easy Use

Roller blinds, allow customers to choose whether they want a spring assisted option or a fully motorized option. Both choices allow for blinds to be opened and closed with ease. The motorized version goes even further and can control all of the motorized shades in your home from a central location.

How to Fix a Fully Uncoiled Roller Shade Spring

As with all things, over time you may notice that your roller shade has stopped working, but do not fret – fixing a fully uncoiled roller shade is easier than you think as long as you follow 4 simple instructions:

1. Take your roller shades off of the brackets that it is connected to.

2. Unroll the shade, but only half way.

3. Find a pair of pliers and use them to turn the pin (can be found on the spring side) until you notice tension.

4. Let go and allow the pawl to hook itself back onto the racket

What Roller Shade Options Are Available from

At customers can choose from several of our discount roller shades:

Armed with the above knowledge, customers should feel confident enough to decide whether or not roller shades are the right option for them. Browse the inventory today to find the perfect shutter blind and place an order today! Alternatively, you can also search for countless other window shades online to find an option that is right for you.

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