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Cellular shades, otherwise known as honeycomb shades, are becoming an increasingly popular decorative choice for the modern homeowner. They blend a unique aesthetic appeal with numerous practical benefits within the property. Before purchasing your cellular shades, itís important to review the product options in detail. The team at has put together a comprehensive buying guide to enhance your knowledge and ensure you find that ideal product. #BuyingGuide

What are the Major Benefits of Cellular Shades?

Lower Energy Costs

Home window areas are the leading source of drafts within the average property. The honeycomb structure of the cellular shades effectively traps air before the air reaches the interior of the home. This means that air conditioning and heating costs can be reduced throughout the year. #EnergySaving

Sound Absorption

The unique design of the cellular shades also means they can block-out sound. Buyers requiring significant sound absorption levels might consider the double cell cellular shades, as these products offer superior sound suppression levels compared with single cell cellular shades.

Improved Home Value

Updated window treatments such as cellular shades can help significantly improve the value of a home. And theyíre one of the least expensive renovation options for homeowners considering a property sale in the near-future! #HomeImprovements

What is the Difference between Single Cell and Double Cell Cellular Shades?

Our complete line of cellular shades includes both double cell and single cell styles. Itís important to know the difference between the two for homeowners considering cellular shades for their property. Letís look at the different options:

Single Cell

Single cell shades are made with each honeycomb stacked one on top of the other, therefore creating a single cell in each row. Single cell products are often more cost-effective than double cell shades.


Double cell shades are constructed from two intertwined cells, which then form a double layer of material. Due to the increase in material strength, double-cell cellular shades are more effective at insulating a room and blocking sunlight from entering the property.

Whatís the Difference between Light Filtering Shades and Blackout Shades?

Light Filtering Shades

Light filtering shades are the ideal choice for rooms in which homeowners wish to control the available light within the area while retaining an airy appeal. Perfect for rooms such as dens, kitchens and living room spaces, light filtering shades help set the mood and can offer high levels of privacy during daylight hours.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are designed to offer comprehensive privacy and ensure no light enters the room through the shades. Used primarily in bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms, these high performance systems can provide comfort and assure a relaxing home environment.

What are ComfortTrack Plus® Light Filtering Shades?

The Comfortex ComfortTrack Plus® Light Filtering Cellular Shades use a high-efficiency double honeycomb design to help support home energy efficiency. The product also features a sidetrack system that is designed with two distinct barriers to protect against drafts in the home.

What is the Child-Safe Cordless Option?

At, each product within our comprehensive range of cellular blinds is available with the cordless feature. The cordless feature is designed for use by families living with young children and works to help prevent strangulation and other household risks caused by cellular cords.

The cordless feature comprises a small handle that allows the user to lift and lower the cellular shade without the use of a pull cord. Our cordless products are uniquely designed to ensure they can be set in any position. This means, whether the homeowner wants their shades half raised or open all the way, they can do so safely without risking harm to their small children through the use of a cord.

What is the Top-Down-Bottom-Up Option?

Top-down-bottom-up cellular shades are the leading choice for the privacy-focused cellular shade user. These cellular shades can be operated in the natural position, whereby the entire system moves down to provide sunlight at the bottom of the window. But they can also be operated so that the entire system moves up from the bottom, providing sunlight at the top of the window area. This is ideal for achieving privacy while maintaining optimal levels of natural light within bedroom and bathroom spaces. Itís a feature available on many of the products within the catalogue.

Now you have the ideal knowledge foundation for selecting cellular shades from! Now that you are armed with the right information, browse our inventory to find the perfect shade for you and place an order today!

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