How a Top Down- Bottom Up Shade Works

What is a Top Down Shade?

Hi it's Mike from and I'd like to talk a little bit about our top-down bottom-up option.

Top-down bottom-up is a very interesting option. It allows you to take an ordinary shade and lift the Shade up from the bottom, just as any standard shade would. And also allows you to drop machine down from the top.

Now why do we need something like this? Well what it does give you is the ability to maintain your privacy on the bottom, while still having light comes through the top and the view through.

So you have an instance let's say in the bathroom where you need to privacy, you can maintain your privacy while not giving up your view. So it's a very interesting product, it does have 2 lift cords, very important to know. One on the right side and one on the left side, each one have its own individual function. One was lifted up from the bottom, and one will drop it down from the top.

You can operate them independently, or if you'd like you can operate them both at the same time.

And again, this is called our top-down bottom-up option. It's available on a number of different products on our website.
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