Skylight Shades Blackout
Skylight Shades Blackout

Skylight Shades Blackout

Skylight shades in Blackout 3/8" Single Cell are the perfect choice if you’re looking for skylight shades that block out as much light as possible. These shades block out 99% of the sun’s light and are ideal for rooms that require total darkness, such as home movie theaters and bedrooms. In addition to blocking out the maximum amount of sunlight, they act as insulators for your windows by keeping out heat in the summer and keeping out cold in the winter. Our skylight shades can be used on sloped, horizontal or vertical windows and come with all of the necessary mounting hardware. They are available in 35 different colors.
light control level: light blocking- Blackout
Original Price: $89.97
Price: $89.97 Skylight Shades On Sale
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Product Details 

Skylight Shades Enhance the Home and Block Visible Light

Within the home, it’s often important to achieve an environment completely free of natural light. Whether the goal is to create a home movie theater space or provide the ideal security and ambience for a child’s room, the Blackout Skylight Shades available at offer the requisite solution to all light blocking challenges. Available in 35 distinct colors to match the tones of the customer’s home, our Blackout Skylight Shades are a one of a kind shades system. Features of our Blackout Skylight Shades include:

• Blocks Light and Contains Heat

In addition to offering 99% light coverage within the home environment, our Skylight Shades are also designed to help protect the home against the cold in the wintertime. Each Skylight Shades product is produced utilizing Mylar-Coated Polyester to provide family rooms with exceptional insulation. It’s a system that can also help families reduce their home energy costs for many winter seasons to come!

•Application Flexibility

No two homes are alike, and our Skylight Shades are designed to correspond with the homeowner’s spatial and design requirements. These versatile systems can be installed in either a sloped, horizontal or vertical position to provide customers a full range of options when it comes to adding Skylight Shades to their property. In addition, because all the required mounting hardware is included with the product, homeowners can quickly integrate their Skylight Shades within the home.

•Exceptional Construction

With their 3/8 inch double cell construction, our Skylight Shades are designed to provide homeowners with robust performance for many years to come. As with each product in our catalogue,’s Skylight Shades are checked carefully before being sent from our depot to ensure they meet the highest of performance standards. This means we can assure our customers with value-for-money with each purchase they make from our growing selection.

Features & Options Explained
  • Constructed of 100% Mylar Coated Polyester
  • Optional 114" Operator Pole for Hard-to-Reach Shades
  • Side Rails are White Coated Aluminum
  • Insulates while Darkening the Room
  • 3/8 inch Double Cell Construction
  • Shade can be used in Sloped, Horizontal or Vertical Position
  • Center Support Cord is Required on Shades over 30 3/4" inches Wide
  • Mounting Hardware is Included
Ordering & Installation Information

  • Minimum width-14 inches
  • Maximum width- 61 inches
  • Minimum height- 12 inches
  • Maximum height- 61 inches*
  • * Width 30 3/4" and less max. shade height is 96"
  • Extension pole extends to 116 inches
  • Minimum inside mounting depth- 1 1/8 inches
  • Inside mount depth required for flush mount- 3 inches
  • Minimum outside mounting flat space - 1 inch.
  • Mounting brackets will be visible on Outside Mounts
  • Energy Efficient 3/8" Single cell construction

Product Reviews

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"I don't like posting reviews, but I couldn't be any happier with my skylight blinds!! It cools my kitchen by more than 10 degrees during the day"

savina on 7/11/2019 1:34:09 PM


"black out blinds for sky lites"

Andre Dubreuil on 2/25/2019 11:09:05 AM


"Skylight shade"

John Gaudet on 12/5/2018 12:54:14 PM


"Skylight Shade"

Michael Brody on 8/23/2018 11:50:07 AM


"Quite happy with these Skylight Shades"

Robert Wilson on 7/5/2018 8:28:06 PM


>> Read all product reviews [9] |  Write your own review


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