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fabric window coveringsNow that the holidays have past, it’s time to get back to our interior decorating projects that we have put on hold.  Why not make the best of the long winter months that often keep us cooped up indoors.  Decorating with fabric window coverings can easily change the whole look and feel of a room, and custom fabric window treatments should be at the top of your list.

Gone are the days of stark white walls and naked windows, when decorating today it is more common to find each room taking on its own identity.  Not only does this mean selecting a different paint color for each room but, also includes a unique fabric window treatment for each window. Many homes already have some type of window blind or shade covering their windows but blinds are typically more functional than they are beautiful.  Having your window blinds and shades already installed means that you are ready for the next step.

The next step usually means choosing a fabric that fits the style and decor of a room.  There are literally thousands of fabrics to choose from all with their own individual style and texture.  Once you have reached this step it may be time to seek the help of an experienced window treatment specialist.  Choosing a fabric that is the perfect fit for your own individual style can some times be very time consuming and it is easy to make a mistake.  Choosing a fabric is a very personal decision that you will make, but a little coaching will go a long way.  I recently had an encounter with a customer, we’ll call her Mrs. Jones who was misinformed and this misinformation ended up costing her a pretty penny.

Mrs. Jones hired an interior designer to choose her fabric and design her fabric window treatments.  The designer recommended a beautiful silk fabric for the living room that she would make into draperies to frame the window.  Mrs. Jones agreed to the color and style and, was anxious to have the new draperies installed.

Six weeks later the draperies were hung and Mrs. Jones loved the look but asked if the wrinkles in the fabric could be removed.  The designer replied; Mrs. Jones these draperies are pure silk that is how silk is supposed to look”. Her reply was, “What you see as pure silk I see as wrinkled fabric, all I ask is for you to remove the wrinkles”.  The designer explained that the wrinkles could not be removed because wrinkles are inherent to most silk fabrics.  Mrs. Jones reluctantly paid the designer her fee because she was told that she received what was ordered.  The only mistake the designer made was not telling Mrs. Jones before hand that silk fabrics are inherently wrinkled at which point a new fabric could have been selected.

After living with the draperies for six months Mrs. Jones was so unhappy with her purchase that she decided to have the draperies remade.  This time she consulted with a window treatment specialist that steered her in the right direction. Yes, this is a true story and this is just one example of what can happen if the wrong fabric is used when decorating your home. Decorating with fabric should be at the top of your list if you would like any given room in your house to take on personalized look. As you can see, choosing the correct fabric color, texture and, composition is as critical as choosing the right style for your window. 

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2 thoughts on “Window Decorating Fabrics”

  1. I’ve been living in a condo for quite some time now and I wanted to give window curtains a try. But the problem is, I want my room to be naturally lit. And I’ve tried using curtains before but it made some rooms darker, especially my bed room. Would you suggest types of fabric that would address this issue? or what color is suitable for this kind of problem?

  2. Bringing color to your room through designs like window blinds adds life to any room. I do have roller blinds in all of my windows that’s why I’m being refresh everytime I take a rest. Thanks for this post.

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