There’s More to Honeycomb Shades than Just Sweet Energy Bill Savings

Why so many decorators, do-it-yourselfers, and facility managers are choosing to buy honeycomb shades online

If you are researching honeycomb shades, also commonly referred to as cellular shades, then chances are you may already be attracted to their energy efficient and insulating abilities. But did you know that honeycomb shades have a wide range of other advantages? #shades

The Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

  1. blinds-blog-2Creative Versatility – If you have visited any home improvement website that sells honeycomb shades then you will already have already seen their customizable potential. Cellular shades come in a wide selection of different colors, cell size, light/dark, and Top Down Bottom Up options.
  2. A Cordless Option – Many honeycomb shades are now manufactured without cords to prevent tangles and accidents. Moreover, cellular shades that still have cords are now more child safe thanks to their breakaway design. #childsafe
  3. Comfortable Home Temperature Levels – The reason that cellular shades save so much on energy bills is because they regulate a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather conditions outside.

There are many advantages to using cellular shades and plenty of reasons to buy honeycomb shades online. Starting in May 2015, for a limited time only, is offering all customers 10% off all honeycomb shades (discount code: HONEY). Visit our store online and place an order from the comfort of home!

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