Remote Controlled Window Blinds and Shades

Remote Controlled window blinds and shades otherwise known as motorized window blinds and shades are now available from most reputable window coverings retailers.  Once only available to the rich and famous, advances in technology have brought the price of remote controlled window blinds and shades within reach of most consumers.  There are a few different types of remote controlled window blinds and shades such as, Battery Powered, Hard Wired, Infrared, and Radio Frequency operation.  These different types vary by manufacturer and there is no one size fits all.  If you are considering a purchase of remote controlled window blinds you should always discuss your needs with a qualified retailer such as does not offer a motorized option on their website but, they will offer this option to those who contact Mike directly to discuss their needs.  It is important to understand the pros, cons, and limitations of remote control window blinds before making a purchase.

Even though remote control window blinds and shades are growing in popularity this option is not always the best application for every window in your home. I usually recommend remote controlled window blinds for hard to reach windows.  Windows that are high such as an entry foyer windows or a window that is difficult to reach such as a window behind a bathtub, these would be perfect examples of shades that require motorization.  If you are thinking of using remote controlled shades in every room of the house I usually advise against it unless you are incorporating the shades into a whole house automation system such as X10® or TAHOMA®.

Once you have selected the windows that require remote control operation you will need to select the type of motorized system.  The most commonly used system is the RF or Radio Frequency battery powered motor.  RF allows you to remotely operate the window blind without having to be in close proximity of the window.  The radio frequency single will pass through walls or window valances so that you will not have to point the remote directly at the electronic eye in order for the blind or shade to function.  Although infrared remote control blinds and shades are still available it is considered “old technology” and is not recommended for most applications. If you are planning to operate a large quantity of blinds and shades via remote control then a “hard wired” system may be the way to go.  Hard wired motorization will eliminate the need for batteries (usually 8-12 per window blind) and will also allow for larger, heavier window shades to be operated via remote control.  Hard wired systems will require the services of a licensed electrician so be sure and take that into account when budgeting for this type of system.

Remote control window blinds and shades can also be integrated into home automation systems such as TAHOMA® by Somfy or the more commonly used X10® system. By integrating your remote controlled window shades to a home automation system you will have the ability to operate your window shades, lighting and thermostat from a remote location via the internet.  Full home automation not only can give  your home that “lived in” look while you are away but it can also be very effective when trying to conserve energy.  By controlling your window shades, lighting and thermostat remotely via the internet you can set all of these to function at peak efficiency which will lead to energy savings and extra cash in your pocket.  Remember, if you are shopping for remote controlled motorized blinds and shades always discuss your needs with a qualified professional such as to maximize the potential of the shades and to save you from costly mistakes.

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