Looking for Wood Cornices? BlindsOnLine.com Offers Quality Products at 10% Discount for a Limited Time

Starting in April, BlindsOnLine.com is offering all of their customers 10% off of their wood cornices. But why should you choose BlindsOnLine.com’s products over other companies that offer wood cornices? It’s simple; each and every product is made with care and high quality materials. #SpringSavings

blog3-1The Benefits of BlindsOnLine.com’s Wood Cornices

Wood cornices are not only cost-effective and simple to install, but they allow customers to hide any hardware that is used to hang blinds and shades in the home. BlindsOnLine.com’s wood cornices are made from North American Hardwood and come in 7 different finishes, thereby adding a sophisticated elegance to any window. Customers who are looking to better match their cornices with their décor can also choose to purchase unfinished cornices and paint or stain them themselves.

At BlindsOnLine.com, every wood cornice that is ordered comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware. Wood cornices from BlindsOnLine.com are regularly priced at $124, but for a limited time in April, there will be a 10% promotional discount on painted, stained, or unfinished cornices. To take advantage of this great offer, customers should type in the promotional code (WOOD4) during check-out. #HomeImprovements

blog3-2Customers who are interested in learning more about all of BlindsOnLine.com products are encouraged to browse their online website. In doing so, customers will be able to learn about the benefits of their products, order online swatches, learn how to measure, and view instructional videos. Anyone who has a problem or has yet to find what they were looking for from the BlindsOnLine.com website can call 866-811-7727 to get help from a customer service representative.

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