How To Clean Plantation Shutters

The timeless appearance of plantation shutters adds long-term value while inspiring upscale design that feels like home. However, these beautiful window treatments won’t do you any good if they’re unmaintained. Luckily, shutters don’t require an enormous amount of maintenance, and are surprisingly easy to clean.

But how do you clean your shutters the right way? There are several ways to clean them with minimal effort. The great news is that window shutters, whether decorative or functional, are relatively straightforward to manage.

Cleaning Items That We Recommend:

Feather Duster or A Dry Cloth

Use a feather duster or a dry cloth to brush off dust. You can clean the slats with a cloth or feather duster if you clean your window shutters on a regular basis.

Clean Socks

Wipe down dust with a clean sock. A sock is an effective cleaning hack that helps clean your blinds fast!

Vacuum with Attachment

This is the perfect cleaning device for removing dust from hard-to-reach window treatments on tall windows. The brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner picks up anything your regular duster might have left behind.

Dryer Sheets

Rub fabric dryer sheets onto both sides of the slats. Dryer sheets will not prevent dust, but it will cut down on the amount of dust that clings to your blinds or shutters.

Toothbrush For The Small Details

Use a toothbrush to remove dust from hard to reach spaces.

White Vinegar

If your shutters are extra dirty, wipe them down with white vinegar to keep your shutters nice and clean.

Cleaning Steps For Removing Dust:

Use a duster to remove dust: Run the feather duster or a dry cloth in between each blind, hitting the tops and bottoms.

Vacuum off lingering dust: Connect the attachment onto your vacuum cleaner, and run the attachment over the shutters to remove anything left over.

White Vinegar: Remove dirt and grime with a bowl filled with white vinegar. The white vinegar should remove most stains, debris, and dirt off of plantation shutters.

For easy cleaning, wipe down your shutters with a sock. Dip a clean, fresh sock in white vinegar, and wring the sock out. You want to make sure the sock is barely damp, but with just enough solution to clean.

Place the sock over your hand: Run the sock over each blind. For extremely dirty shutters, have a few backup socks on hand.

Cleaning Plantation Shutters

Removing Dust

We recommend cleaning plantation shutters on a regular basis to keep dust, allergens, and germs at bay. Shutters are notoriously tedious to clean, and can be dust magnets.

Cleaning Hard To Reach Places

Are your plantation shutters located in a hard to access location? Your best bet would be investing in a blind duster with microfiber fabric. These dusters have a pole attachment that reaches high enough so you can go without having to get out a ladder.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Liquid cleaners are not the best solution for plantation shutters, and we do not recommend cleaning your plantation shutters with water because most liquids can cause warping over time. But if you decide to use a liquid cleaner for your shutters, just use a small amount of white vinegar to clean off dust and grime. We hope this guide has answered a few questions, and points you in the right direction for which cleaning materials are best for your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call one of our Blinds Online representatives.

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