Innovative Window Dressing


Since a long time, it seemed that there is nothing new or innovative in the world of window dressing; but that old tendency is now cleft apart with following newest trends in window blinds and shades. Take down those mini blinds and heavy drapes – switch over to environmentally friendly and energy efficient options of window dressing.

Options For Wide Windows

In case you are looking for exciting window covering options for wide windows, patio or big sliding doors, traditional wood window blinds or woven wood shades are not the only option you have. Sliding panels offer unique and airy look. They can easily fit into the sliders on a classic valance to be opened or closed as desired.

They are now available in natural materials with an added advantage of being environmental-friendly.

Window Films

Window films are a perfect solution for windows that are hard to be fitted with discount window blinds. Many people prefer window films to get the advantage of glare, heat and privacy control. Window films are available in great range of designs – as traditional insulated window shades, as crackled glass and mosaic.

Window films can be used along with blind, drapes and other type of window covering. These films are capable of blocking the harmful UV rays and can cut the cooling cost by almost 50%.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are truly the future of window dressing. Besides controlling light, air and heat in the room, window treatments can also filter allergens and bacteria to improve the indoor air quality.

Such window treatments use advanced technology and smart fabrics that prevent bacteria and allergy causing allergens from being collected in the curtain fibers. As an added advantage, they look beautiful to compliment the room decor.

Take a forward-thinking approach for dressing your windows with above sophisticated options especially when they are capable of removing aroma and allergens out from the air.

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Room Darkening Window Shades

room darkening shadeDo you have trouble sleeping?  The Solution may be as simple as installing room darkening window shades on the windows where you sleep.  Sleeping in a dark, quiet room can help manage your sleep cycles, your mood and your energy levels, helping you wake up refreshed and alert.  Blackout Roller Shades are the most economical and efficient way to keep unwanted light from entering your windows, while blackout cellular shades offer the added bonus of increased energy efficiency.

Given the room darkening capabilities of these window shades they are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms.  So if you are having a difficult time sleeping or your baby is keeping you up all night, room darkening shades may be just what the doctor ordered.

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