How Window Blinds And Shades Can Help Save Energy During Cold And Hot Seasons Alike

Window shades can aid in the process of keeping heat out during summer and keeping the heat in during cold seasons.  Apart from containing heat they also block sunlight.

Energy efficiency:

Cellular or honeycomb design shades have UV radiation filter capabilities. The science of this happens by creating an insulating barrier by trapping air. There are single celled and double celled options based on varying quality of insulation.

The window shades and blinds can reflect light that comes through the window back, the shades are not only an effective accessory in hot seasons but aids in reduction of heat loss from the home during winter.

Wooden window shades have the ability to make rooms look more ambient and the same time aiding in thermal gain. Studies on shade efficiency suggest there was a difference in 5°F between interior and exterior temperatures in a home with shades than in the one that didn’t have one.

So investing in good quality shades will be a worthy investment as far as energy efficiency in the long run is concerned.


Shades and blinds are a good way to cover up windows. Both horizontal and vertical slatted units are available in many different fabrics. With added looks and increased energy efficiency they are a smart addition to your inferiors.

Key points:

• Closed shades protect against cold drafts; opening them during day can have a warming effect
• White window blinds and shades reflect heat away from the house
• Can be useful in both cold and hot climatic conditions
• Improves energy efficiency of homes

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