Your Complete Energy Saving Shades from

Your Complete Energy Saving Shades from

Did you know that President Obama launched a renewable energy plan that significantly lowered coal-based power? According to the White House Fact Sheet, "Last year, the United States brought online as much solar energy every three weeks as it did all of 2008, and the solar industry added jobs 10 times faster than the rest of the economy.Ē

In this new millennium, there have been countless green-friendly initiatives instated by the government. What you may not know is that you donít need to be the President or the manager of a large corporation to make a difference. There are tons of little, green-friendly things homeowners can do to preserve the planet, all while saving their own money.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Energy efficient blinds are an easy way to not only help the environment, but also to reduce the cost of soaring electricity bills. Moreover, energy-efficient blinds also come in light-filtering and blackout shade options depending on the amount of natural light homeowners want to enter their rooms. A light filtering window treatment is better for bright rooms like the living room, while blackout shades are better for dark rooms like the master bedroom. Other benefits of BlindsOnLine.comís energy-efficient window treatments include the following:


Not only will purchasing energy efficient blinds save customers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on their electricity bills, but purchasing the window treatments online will also significantly reduce the cost of materials.

Good for the Environment

This benefit is obvious: people who purchase energy efficient blinds do so because they know their positive impact on the environment. But BlindsOnLine.comís energy efficient blinds are also good for you.The light gauge fabric is able to block approximately 100% of all harmful UV rays, while the construction actually insulates windows, while reducing energy use.

Different Options

Not only can customers choose between light filtering and blackout window treatments, but they also have the option of the Omni-Rise or the Duofold. While the Omni-Rise is a typical corded option, Duofold is a safer option that uses a Top-Down, Bottom Up system, thereby eliminating the classic cord and making it more child-proof.


Although there are currently only 2 different types of window treatments that are available from the website, we are able to provide several customizable colors for our energy efficient shades including dove white, French vanilla, Vienna wood, and more. Moreover, because blinds are created using ComforTrack color options, individuals can also choose between white and brown tracks.

Energy-Efficient Shades Currently Available from

At we currently offer two energy efficient window treatments:

Insulating Shade ComforTrack Light Filter

Insulating Shade ComforTrack Blackout Shade

For the most part, these shades are very similar, but they perform 2 completely different functions. While blackout blinds work primarily to keep rooms as dark as possible, light-filtering shades let the homeowner control how much of the light enters.

Most people choose blackout shades for their bedrooms, especially if the sun rises right above their windows in the morning. Blackout shades are also effective at maintaining privacy and will block out unsightly neighbors. Light filtering shades can also add privacy, but are better at creating a friendly and natural atmosphere in busy rooms (ie. Living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms).


Now that shoppers have the internet, they are not only able to receive their online purchases with ease, but they can also research their products beforehand and determine just exactly what they will need.

Armed with the above knowledge, you should feel confident enough to make an educated decision regarding whether these gliding doors are the right window treatment for your project. Shop for panel track blinds online today and browse our entire inventory by visiting our website.

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