Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds
Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds

Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds

Sun screen panel track blinds consist of multiple sun screen panels that traverse left, right, or split evenly down the center while gently filtering the sunís rays. Each panel is made from vinyl coated fiber glass with an openness factor of 5% - they are designed to block the sunís glare but not the view. These blinds are semi-private and are available in ten different colors; they work best if privacy is not your main concern. Panel track blinds are an excellent choice for large windows, patio doors, or as a room divider and can be custom made to fit a wide range of window sizes.
Price: $226.85
(example for size 60"w X 60"h)
Availability: Typically ships within 10 days
Product Details 

Achieve Optimal Sun Protection with Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds

At, our foremost business objective is to provide customers with a product that helps them improve the comfort and style of their home. Our Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds are a clear example of our devotion to this business objective. The Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds work to protect the room against the sunís glare while giving the property owner a clear view to their exterior environment, itís the functional performance homeowners expect from the leading industry products. Further benefits of our Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds include:

  • 5% Openness Blocks The Sunís Glare

Our staff works tirelessly to ensure customers have access to the type of product that will bring them exceptional comfort within their living spaces. Customers will discover that the Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds offer their families the ideal protection from the sunís glare inside the home. With their 5% openness factor, the Sun Screen Track Blinds allow homeowners to see their yard and street areas without being impacted by bright light entering their property.

  • Wide-Ranging Customization Options

We know that no two homes are alike in terms of size, shape and dťcor and so we offer our Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds with a broad array of customization options. Customers can work with our team to select from 10 different color options and can customize the size of their blinds to fit their unique home window spaces. Itís a customization service that allows the perfect product to be crafted for each customer.

  • Clearance Pricing

Despite offering some of the leading blinds products on the market today, weíre steadfast in our commitment to clearance pricing. Customers selecting our Sun Screen Panel Track Blinds will discover they can shop from the comfort of their own home and purchase the product cost-effectively via our wholesale pricing structure.

Features & Options Explained

  • Panels Glide Smoothly on White Aluminum Tracks
  • Optional Extension Brackets to Clear Obstructions
  • Optional 6 inch Matching Valance
  • Can be mounted to Walls, Ceilings, and inside window casings
  • One-way (L or R) or Split (Center)Opening (Stacking)
  • White Mounting Hardware Included
  • 5% Openness Blocks Glare but not the View
  • Fabricated in the USA

Ordering & Installation Information

  • Minimum width-24 inches for left or right stacking, 48 inches for split stacking
  • Maximum width- 192 inches
  • Minimum height- 18 inches
  • Maximum height- 144 inches
  • Oversize shipping charge- $75 per item over 96 inches wide
  • Classic valances that are wider than the material width will be split into 2 parts and installed butted together
  • Stacking space required- total width of track in inches divided by the number of panels plus 2 inches
  • Full 3 year warranty
  • Minimum inside mounting depth- 2 3/4 inches
  • Inside mounting depth required for flush mount- 3 5/8 inches for tracks up to 119 inches wide. 4 1/2 inches for tracks over 119 inches wide
  • Minimum outside mounting flat space - 3 inches
  • Outside Mount Track will be made 1 1/2 inches wider than ordered width
  • Panel count calculator:
    • 24"-47" Ľ2 panels all stack styles
    • 48"-84" Ľ3 panels if L or R stack
    • 48"-114"Ľ 4 panels if Split stack
    • 85"-119" Ľ4 panels if L or R stack
    • 115"-192" Ľ6 panels if Split stack
    • 120"-192" Ľ5 panels if L or R stack.

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"Wow, these sliding panels really look beautiful. What a great alternative to Vertical Blinds."

Barbara B. on 12/23/2008 3:12:06 PM


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