How a Cordless Shade Works

Cordless Shade Option for Child Safety

It's Mike from I'd like to talk a little bit about our cordless option today.

Many of our cellular or honeycomb shades are available with the cordless feature. And we do have some other products on our website that also offer this feature.

The cordless option is great for those people who have young children to avoid the risk of strangulation. It makes things very, very easy.

The cordless feature is a very small little handle that allows you to lift and lower the shade without the use of a pull string.

The beauty of this is as you lift it you can actually stop the shade anywhere along the way. It's not like the old-style cordless shades where if you accidentally let go of the shade is going to come flying out of your hand.

This shade has been specifically designed, so that it will stop anywhere along the way whether it be all the way up, halfway, or all the way down.

That is our cordless lift option. It's available on most of our honeycomb and cellular shades, and it is also available on some of our other products as well.

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