White Fabric Panel Track Blinds
White Fabric Panel Track Blinds

White Fabric Panel Track Blinds

White Sliding Fabric Panel Tracks add a contemporary flair to any window. Multiple fabric panels traverse left, right, or split evenly in the center while gracefully filtering the sun's rays. Fabric panel tracks are an excellent choice for patio doors, large windows, or as a room divider. An optional valance is available to cover the anodized aluminum track. Be the first on your block to own this innovation in window coverings. Fabric panel tracks are available in widths up to 174 inches.
Price: $186.55
(example for size 36"w X 48"h)
Availability: Typically ships within 5 days
Serenity White
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Product Details 

White Fabric Panel Track Blinds Compliment Any Décor

The accessories added to a window space can sometimes make all the difference when it comes to completing the room’s elegant décor. It’s the reason our team here at BlindsOnline.com goes to great lengths to offer the finest window accessories on the marketplace. Our White Sliding Fabric Panel Tracks bring contemporary style to the home while filtering the sun’s rays to provide exceptional living comfort. Further benefits of our White Sliding Fabric Panel Track Blinds include:

  • Panels Designed for Flexible Filtering

Because our White Sliding Fabric Panel Tracks have been designed to traverse left, right or split evenly in the center of window spaces, they can be utilized to filter light from all angles within the modern living area. Unlike more rigid light filtering options (like blackout shades), homeowners will discover that they achieve optimal light blocking comfort while retaining full control over the interior light levels within their home spaces.

  • Optimal Choice for Patio Doors

Our White Sliding Fabric Panel Tracks are widely considered the optimal choice for patio doors, as they allow the light to filter through while presenting an outstanding view of the backyard space. The contemporary style of the product also ensures that they’re ideally designed to offer a lasting impression when inviting guests for garden parties and other home events this year.

  • Wholesale Pricing

Despite the fact that our White Sliding Fabric Panel Tracks are one of the newest innovations in home décor, we’re now able to offer these outstanding products at wholesale pricing along with our whole selection of panel track blinds. Customers can depend on BlindsOnline.com to offer the industry’s lowest pricing while we retain our commitment to offering the highest value regarding product quality. We never force our customers to sacrifice quality for the price and our White Sliding Fabric Panel Tracks are a clear example of our commitment to homeowners across the country.

Features & Options Explained
  • Panels Glide Smoothly on White Aluminum Tracks
  • 6 inch Optional Classic Valance
  • Optional Extension Brackets to Clear Obstructions
  • Choose One-Way (L or R) or Split  (Center) Opening (Panel Stacking)
  • White Mounting Hardware is Included
  • Made In USA
Ordering & Installation Information

  • Minimum width-24 inches for left or right stacking, 48 inches for split stacking
  • Maximum width- 192 inches
  • Minimum height- 18 inches
  • Maximum height- 144 inches
  • Oversize shipping charge- $75 per item over 96 inches wide
  • Minimum inside mounting depth- 2 3/4 inches
  • Minimum outside mounting flat space - 3 inches
  • Outside Mount Track will be made 1 1/2 inches wider than ordered width
  • Full 3 year warranty
  • Stacking space required- total width of track in inches divided by the number of panels plus 2 inches
  • Inside mounting depth required for flush mount- 3 5/8 inches for tracks up to 119 inches wide. 4 1/2 inches for tracks over 119 inches wide
  • Panel count calculator:
    • 24"-47" »2 panels all stack styles
    • 48"-84" »3 panels if L or R stack
    • 48"-114"» 4 panels if Split stack
    • 85"-119" »4 panels if L or R stack
    • 115"-192" »6 panels if Split stack
    • 120"-192" »5 panels if L or R stack

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