White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds
White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds

White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds

1 inch Mini Blinds are made from 6 gauge aluminum. Popular options such as hidden holes and two on one headrail are available. Whether you need window treatments for your home or office, these mini blinds will provide the light control you need and complete the look of the room.
Price: $48.73
(example for size 36"w X 48"h)
Availability: Typically ships within 5 days
Product Details 

Achieve Effective Light Control with White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds

Homeowners must protect their home environment from the impact of bright light. At BlindsOnLine.com, our experts continually research the latest market options to provide our customers with cutting-edge light-blocking features. This commitment to market research is shown through the release of our White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds, which have been engineered to combine exceptional light control with stylish aesthetics to support the optimal living environment for the discerning homeowner. Further benefits of our White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds include:

  • A Wide Array of Color Options

At BlindsOnLine.com, we understand that each of customers’ living space is unique. And this means they require a unique product to provide the ideal fit within their home living environment. That’s why we offer one of the market’s most comprehensive color ranges. Homeowners are sure to find the ideal color option to the fit the unique style of their room.

  • Affordable Pricing

Our White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds are designed to offer an affordable alternative to the poorly constructed store-bought plastic mini blinds available at home improvement retail stores across the country. We’ve continually been told by our customers that they require mini blinds that are both affordable and easy to integrate within their home, and so we’ve now responded by offering our White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds at low market pricing.

  • Complete Selection of Accessories

Our White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds are also available with a wide range of accessories to help homeowners achieve a seamless installation and to finish off the blinds in complete style. For example, homeowners may decide to order extension brackets for their White 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds at no additional product cost! It’s this commitment to customization that has helped BlindsOnLine.com to become a brand leader within the home décor marketplace.
Features & Options Explained
  • Slats are Made of 6 Gauge Aluminum
  • Hold Down Brackets for Door Mounting
  • 2 Blinds can be Ordered Mounted on 1 Headrail
  • Hidden Holes Privacy Option
  • Matching Dual Slat Valance Included
  • Components are Color Coordinated
  • Extension Brackets available at No Additionl Cost
  • Heavy Duty Cord Lock Standard
  • Fabricated in the USA
Ordering & Installation Information

  • Minimum width-9 1/8 inches
  • Maximum width- 142 inches
    Minimum height- 6 inches
  • Maximum height- 96 inches
  • Oversize shipping charge-
    $80 per item over 94 inches wide
  • Minimum inside mounting depth- 1/2 inch
  • Inside mounting depth required for flush mount- 2 1/4 inches
  • Minimum outside mounting flat space - 1 inch
  • Blinds less than 14 inches wide must have controls on opposite sides

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"Good quality product- we ordered enough for the entire office"

Lisa C on 4/18/2008 9:55:12 AM


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