Professional Series 1" Aluminum  Mini Blinds
Professional Series 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds
Professional Series 1" Aluminum  Mini Blinds
Professional Series 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds
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Professional Series 1" Aluminum  Mini Blinds
Professional Series 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds

Professional Series 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds

Our Professional Series 1” Aluminum mini blinds are built to last, with a heavy duty steel headrail and crash proof cord lock they are made to take a beating. Decorating your home or office is easy with 40 of today’s most popular colors at your disposal. Still considered one of the most functional window blinds, new options such as the hidden holes option allows for additional light blockage and privacy for those with young children or if you just like to sleep late. Our clutch wand tilter releases to prevent damage and our painting process makes slats reduce dust, stains scratches and mildew.
control type: cord control
Original Price: $26.67
Price: $20.00 Mini Blinds Sale
(example for size 24"w X 36"h)
Availability: Typically ships within 5 days
Product Details 

Aluminum Mini Blinds Blend Robust & Stylish Appeal

The team thrives on crafting products that blend durability and style to provide exceptional performance within the modern American family home. We help preserve the value of customers’ homes with our high caliber, locally-crafted products. Our leading-class selection of blinds products now includes the Professional Series 1” Aluminum Mini Blinds, which feature a heavy-duty steel headrail and a crash-proof cord lock that offer homeowners robust performance for outstanding décor that lasts many years. Further benefits of our Professional Series Aluminum Mini Blinds include:

  • 40 Colors Available

To ensure the Professional Series 1” Aluminum Mini Blinds seamlessly blend with any home décor arrangement, we’re offering the product in over 40 different color choices. Those who prefer a modern appeal within the home can select our Metallic Sky Jewel color blinds. Or why not choose our Forest Green color blinds for that classical, refined style?

  • Privacy Option

We understand that most homeowners prefer their privacy throughout the evening and overnight hours. That’s why we’ve built our Professional Series 1” Aluminum Mini Blinds with an optional hidden holes, which prevent any light from entering the home when the blinds are in the closed position. This type of innovation means homeowners can also prevent light from entering children’s rooms and entertainment rooms during daylight hours.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty takes great care in ensuring our products are built to the highest of standards, but we understand the need for homeowners to have exceptional warranty coverage on each product they purchase. That’s why we offer limited lifetime warranties on each of the Professional Series 1” Aluminum Mini Blinds we sell. In addition, will act as the intermediary between the customer and the original manufacturer should the system require service. It’s the expert service the modern consumer expects from an industry leader.

Features & Options Explained
  • Slats are Made of 6 Gauge Aluminum
  • Hold Down Brackets for Door Mounting
  • 2 Blinds can be Ordered Mounted on 1 Headrail
  • Hidden Holes Privacy Option
  • Matching Dual Slat Valance Included
  • Components are Color Coordinated
  • Extension Brackets available at No Additionl Cost
  • Heavy Duty Cord Lock Standard
  • Fabricated in the USA
Ordering & Installation Information

  • Minimum width-9 inches
  • Maximum width- 125 inches
    Minimum height- 9 inches
  • Maximum height- 144 inches
  • Oversize shipping charge-
    $80 per item over 96 inches wide
  • Minimum inside mounting depth- 1/2 inch
  • Inside mounting depth required for flush mount- 2 1/4 inches
  • Minimum outside mounting flat space - 1 inch
  • Blinds 13-18 inches wide must have controls on opposite sides

Product Reviews

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"Great Blinds at a Great Price"

Mark Schneider on 4/24/2017 10:38:21 AM


"Great blinds for the price!"

Barbara Van Bogart on 4/17/2017 10:13:11 AM



glorivy alicea on 1/11/2017 10:57:26 AM



Alan Voetsch on 11/10/2016 5:56:48 PM


"Mini Blinds in Springfield"

DIETMAR TANNHEISER on 4/8/2016 1:45:48 PM


>> Read all product reviews [6] |  Write your own review


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