Panel Track Blinds, Basket Weave Fabric
Panel Track Blinds, Basket Weave Fabric

Panel Track Blinds, Basket Weave Fabric

Sliding basket weave panel track blinds are made from an innovative new material that is made to look and feel like natural grasses. These blinds give your windows a contemporary look while offering a semi-private view. The multiple fabric panels traverse left, right or evenly in the center and allow the sun’s light to filter through gently. Our panel track blinds are the perfect choice for large windows, patio doors, or as a room divider and they’re available in seven different solid colors. And just as with our traditional fabric panel track blinds, an optional valance is available to cover the white track and all mounting hardware is included.
Price: $206.70
(example for size 36"w X 48"h)
Availability: Typically ships within 10 days
Product Details 

Sliding Basket Weave Panel Track Blinds

Homeowners across the country are now utilizing the look of natural materials to implement a traditional style within their living spaces. At, we’re committed to helping our customers meet this style need, and we’re now offering our Sliding Basket Weave Panel Track Blinds to help homeowners add a sense of natural style to their home residence. Our Sliding Basket Weave Panel Track Blinds are designed to offer the look and textural feel of natural grasses for the homeowner committed to blending their interior home environment with captivating outdoor elements. Further benefits of our Sliding Basket Weave Panel Track Blinds include:

  • Contemporary Appeal

Despite the natural classic elements used to build the Sliding Basket Weave Panel Track Blinds, the product offers a contemporary appeal within the home environment. The white aluminum tracks also blend with the basket weave material to provide a high-value addition to the property.

  • Made in USA

Unlike many other companies within the blinds manufacturing marketplace, is committed to only working with US-based manufacturers and suppliers. This means that each element of the Sliding Basket Weave Panel Track Blinds has been designed and built by those with years of experience abiding by the highest of US marketplace standards. Customers can rest assured that each product we deliver will be of the highest structural quality, for exceptional durability.

  • Complete Array of Color Options

We present our Sliding Basket Weave Panel Track Blinds in an outstanding array of colors. The product is available in pale white, sienna, café, caramel, desert, sand and parchment styles; each offering rich color tones. It’s the diverse selection required to appeal to discerning homeowners across the country. For additional wood cornice options, check out our corresponding colors available.

Features & Options Explained
  • Panels Glide Smoothly on White Aluminum Tracks
  • 6 inch Optional Classic Valance
  • Optional Extension Brackets to Clear Obstructions
  • Can be mounted to Walls, Ceilings, and inside window casings
  • Choose One-Way (L or R) or Split (Center) Opening (Panel Stacking)
  • White Mounting Hardware is Included
  • Made In USA
Ordering & Installation Information

  • Minimum width-24 inches for left or right stacking, 48 inches for split stacking
  • Maximum width- 192 inches
  • Minimum height- 18 inches
  • Maximum height- 144 inches
  • Oversize shipping charge- $75 per item over 96 inches wide
  • Minimum inside mounting depth- 2 3/4 inches
  • Minimum outside mounting flat space - 3 inches
  • Outside Mount Track will be made 1 1/2 inches wider than ordered width
  • Full 3 year warranty
  • Stacking space required- total width of track in inches divided by the number of panels plus 2 inches
  • Inside mounting depth required for flush mount- 3 5/8 inches for tracks up to 119 inches wide. 4 1/2 inches for tracks over 119 inches wide
  • Panel count calculator:
    • 24"-47" »2 panels all stack styles
    • 48"-84" »3 panels if L or R stack
    • 48"-114"» 4 panels if Split stack
    • 85"-119" »4 panels if L or R stack
    • 115"-192" »6 panels if Split stack
    • 120"-192" »5 panels if L or R stack.

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"These panel track blinds are so easy to install and were much nicer than I expected."

Sally on 12/23/2008 2:59:18 PM


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