Capri Roller Shades
Capri Roller Shades
Capri Roller Shades
Capri Roller Shades
Capri Roller Shades
Capri Roller Shades
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Capri Roller Shades
Capri Roller Shades

Capri Roller Shades

Need a versatile option to control the lighting in a home or office? These GRABER Capri Roller Shades, available in three colors, are extremely popular thanks to their premium look, durability, and affordability. After an easy installation process, the shades work great during night and day settings. Always be in control with the amount of light coming into the home. The easy adjustments not only help with lighting, but temperature control as well. The most impressive feature of these shades is the fabric. It is made to mimic the look and feel of real beach grass, and it does exactly that. It provides a premium look without a premium price tag. Every roller shade is completely customizable to fit windows of every size. This is perfect for those who want a uniform look instead of each window looking vastly different. Upgrade a home or office with some great looking GRABER roller shades. Purchase here now!
Price: $60.75
(example for size 24"w X 36"h)
Availability: Typically ships within 5 days
Colors are marked B for blackout, LF for light filtering or SS for solar screen. 
lanai LF 1231
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Product Details 
graber-logo  Expertly-Crafted Roller Shades

The team at recognizes the need for homeowners to achieve high levels of privacy within their home environment. To protect their family and ensure home comfort, property owners require shades product that will reduce visibility into their home when required. Now, our market-leading Light Filtering, Blackout and Solar Screen Roller Shades by GRABER are helping homeowners across the country ensure privacy and enhance the décor appeal within their home. Advantages of GRABER Roller Shades include:

• Heavy-Duty Clutch Roller System

Maintaining the functionality of their window shade systems over the long-term is critical for homeowners. The heavy-duty clutch roller system available with GRABER Light Filtering Roller Shades ensures the system works to peak performance over many years. Customers may also select cordless option for their Roller Shades. 

• Sturdy Construction

We take great care in ensuring that GRABER products are designed to the highest of market standards. GRABER Roller Shades are a clear example of product integrity.  Additionally, because we include mounting hardware in each product purchase, homeowners will be able to quickly begin enjoying the benefits GRABER Roller Shades assure within their property – quick and easy!

Features & Options Explained
  • Spring Idler for Easy Install
  • Mounting Hardware is Included
  • Choose Blackout or Light Filtering Fabrics
  • Improves temperature & light control
Ordering & Installation Information

    Clutch Roller- 9/16 inch to 7/8 inch
    Cordless- 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch
  • Minimum width-13 inches
  • Maximum width- 92 inches Clutch Roller
  • Maximum width 78" Cordless
    Minimum height- 13 inches
  • Maximum height- 144 inches
    or 120 inches Cordless
  • Minimum inside mounting depth- 2 inches
  • Graber Lifetime warranty 
  • Choose left or right control
  • Standard Clutch Roller is supplied with a silver bead lift chain
  • Oversize shipping charge-
    $85 per item over 96 inches wide

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