What’s the Difference Between Inside and Outside Mounted Blinds?

Window treatments are a modern necessity. Your home likely has windows, no matter what century they built it. Moderating some of the natural light that enters a home is important for sleep. However, for the rest of the day, blinds and shades help dress a window to compliment a decor.

A question that gets asked quite frequently to people in the window treatment industry is, “What is the difference between inside mounted blinds and outside mounted blinds?” To make the best cosmetic choice for your blinds or shades, it is important to know which mounting style you want.

Outside Mounted Blinds

Outside mounted blinds are, just as the name implies, mounted outside of the window frame. The outside mount style circumvents issues you may have with shallow window frames. That is why for certain applications, like french doors, they are the preferred mounting style. Additionally, they can be beneficial because you can cover up the frame of the window itself. The option to cover up the frame is helpful for people who own older houses with frame work that is not as attractive as your new window treatments. Outside mounted blinds provide a solution for a fraction of the price of replacing the window and window frames.

Additionally, by mounting the blinds outside, you can eliminate the pesky light gap that can occur with inside mounted blinds by over-sizing the blinds slightly.

Inside Mount Blinds

Inside mounted blinds are preferred for their stylish and clean appearance. Inside mount blinds are mounted inside of the window frame. For inside mount blinds, measurement is very important as there is very little room for error. Our guide on how to measure for aluminium mini blinds can help guide you through the process. One of the interesting benefits of inside mounted blinds is depending on the mounting bracket that you use, they can be mounted to the top or sides of the window frame. However, as previously stated, if your window frames are too shallow, inside mounted blinds simply will not work for your windows.

Inside mounted blinds and outside mounted blinds are both options we carry at BlindsOnline.com. Select any style of blinds or shades and proceed to the customization screen where you can specify which type of mounting style you’d prefer. Be sure to check out our measuring guides to help you determine the exact measurements you’ll need for your order.

For more information on inside mounted blinds vs outside mounted blinds, or to ask a question about our blinds selection, contact us!


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